Pug vs. Puggle

A Pug and a Puggle are different in terms of breed and characteristics. A Pug is a breed of dog with a wrinkly, short-muzzled face, and a curled tail. Pugs are known for their charming personalities and their eagerness to please their owners.

On the other hand, a Puggle is a mix between a Pug and a Beagle. This crossbreed is larger than a typical Pug and they usually inherit the Beagle’s love of smell and tracking. Puggles have more energy and need more exercise compared to Pugs.

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

Are you considering adopting either one of pug or Puggle as your new household pet? Both dogs may have some similarities, however they differ in more ways than can be seen. It is important to learn the details about both dogs prior to making a choice.

Yes it is true that the Puggle is pug-like However, those characteristics, when combined with the beagle genes, make the Puggle distinct from the typical Pug. To comprehend these two dogs better, it is important to be aware of the distinctions between them including their background appearance, physical characteristics and health hazards.

If you’re interested in the differences that set the two breeds apart or you’re trying to find your next pet, you’re in the right spot. Although both dogs have the same temperament, we’ll show the difference that makes them different.

Pug vs. Puggle


Every dog has a story that is either centuries or decades old. Although most designer breeds are at the lower portion of the timeline this same sentiment is true for Puggles and Pugs alike.. To comprehend the dogs better it is important to understand the origins of these dogs and how they got to be the dogs we see in the present.


Small in stature, but huge in their merriment Pugs were the preferred pet of Chinese Emperors, though they were referred to by the name of Sichuan Pai dog. It was an dog of the royal line and was treated as such. The breed was often gifted by the royal family to Japan and Korea and eventually gained the popularity of Asia.

Then in Russia, Catherine the Great’s aunt was particularly fond to pugs. There was a legend that she owned numerous pugs, each of which accompanied her to the church. The Russians’ love for pugs was then passed on across Western Europe, specifically to the Dutch. In its travels across the Orient and the Orient, it was the Dutch East India Trading Company often brought pugs home as valuable cargo.

The Pug established its status as a popular pet for the Dutch after it was believed to signal the Spanish’s invasion, thereby helping Princess William’s life. Although this breed is no longer able to claim status as a royal pet over time, it is an enjoyable, loyal pet for families across the world.


In contrast to Pugs that have a long history, Puggles are a relatively new breed of designer dog that first came into the scene in the late 1980s. In many instances, Puggles aren’t referred to as a breed, but rather called an ” designer dog” due to their deliberate crossbreeding.

Since both parents are frequently compared to be a companion for families It was just an issue of time before the two purebreds were merged to create a brand new mix. The Puggle can be described as the genealogical mix of the two breeds of Pug and the Beagle as well as also frequently compared to other Pug parents who are designer dogs.

Although the two breeds could have at one time, been bred on their own but the breeder Mr. Wallace Haven bred both breeds intentionally. He was credited with the deliberate hybrid that grew in popularity during the last years. The Pug as well as beagle crossed breed has become a popular mix-breed option for pet owners.


Because Puggles have a lot in common with the genetic makeup of a Pug It’s not a coincidence that they have some common physical traits. For example, both dogs have large, bulging eyes, wrinkled faces and shorter coats. But, there are a lot of physical characteristics that they have in common.

Puggles have features in common that they share with Beagles. Beagle DNA is the basis for Puggles. Beagle DNA provides Puggles their fold-over easy longer nose, longer body and legs that are taller. The longer nose permits Puggles Puggle to breathe more easily as opposed to the Pug who’s scrunched nose can cause severe, heavy breathing and potential respiratory problems.

The Puggle is also differs in color that is either black, fawn, or tan. black. The Pug is only tan with black accents, white or black.

Although the Puggle might appear somewhat like the Pug parent however, they are different in a variety of ways, including the color, weight, and the height. The Pug’s face is more compact in comparison to the Pug’s. Although the nose length varies based on the amount of Pug genetics it carries The Pug’s nose is always shorter.

Because the Puggle is taller and more long It’s not a surprise to find that the Puggle is heavier also. The Puggle typically is between 15 to 40 pounds while Pugs are between between 13-20 pounds. Pugs are stronger and compact due to its dimensions and mass, whereas the Puggle is longer and more lean.


With their sweet, large eyes and a plethora of wrinkles that are expressive The Pug as well as the Puggle radiate cuteness and possess a personality that is as adorable. They are adorable and friendly pets that work well in family or household environments , as well as with other people.

The Pug is adamantly content no matter where it’s home whether it’s a tiny city home or the vast expanse of countryside that is the middle west. It’s a breed that is content wherever you call home , as long as it’s loved. The reason for its versatility is due to its inactivity. Inactivity doesn’t mean that they don’t like playing. However, they’re equally as satisfied sitting on their couch all day long.

Contrary to this to the Puggle has a tendency to be more active. This stems from its Beagle genetics. Beagles are extremely active, lively pups, and have passed on these traits to Puggles. They love playing outdoors and running around, chasing and sometimes digging due to their predisposition to hunt.

Inactivity and activity aside the two dogs are friendly and loving dogs who enjoy being with their owners. However, Pugs may be particularly inclined to please , while Puggles are more stubborn.


Like humans as well, canines require regular exercise to ensure an active lifestyle. But, pugs are able to all day long in the sofa when you allow them to. Although it might be difficult as it could be to say goodbye to an entire day of sitting on the couch with your pet however, they need to exercise.

It’s not that difficult to encourage Pugs to engage in play. It’s not necessary to be able to run around for hours with your dog however, having a few minutes of moderate time spent playing during the course of your day can help your dog’s physical and mental well-being.

In contrast to Pugs, Puggles won’t enjoy an entire day without activity. They prefer to be active. Puggles follow the example of Beagles with their energetic, high-energy personalities. Due to their genetics, physical appearance, and character Puggles require a little more exercise in the daytime than Pugs.

Puggles love playing, running, and chasing, which is why they are a fantastic running or jogging partner. You can also bring them outside to play for a while every day. Whatever you choose, Puggles require at minimum one hour of play time every day. In the event that they don’t, they could develop destructive behaviors.

When you are outdoor exercise it is recommended to be able to harness-train both dogs to go for walks outside and do exercise. We don’t suggest wearing the standard collar as it can cause breathing issues in the two dogs. Because they have a brachycephalic face, they are both at risk for breathing disorders. A Pug must be outfitted with a harness that is small and the Puggle might require one which is slightly larger.


All dogs are doggies, and you’ll would like them to obey you, regardless of whether they put a stick in the yard or to come when you call them. To achieve this degree of obedience, you must teach the dog. It’s a good thing that for Pugs and Puggles it isn’t a strict process as with other breeds but it demands a lot of effort and perseverance.

The Pug is a very friendly affectionate, curious, and loving dog, needs a thorough education to achieve obedience. They are a faithful breed that only wants to be loved by their owners. This means that they are also prone to be prone to having their emotions wounded. The most undesirable thing to have is a depressed, unhappy Pug So, use positive words and positive reinforcements in your training.

Because Pugs love being with their owner or family member, they don’t like being alone. To counteract the sadness and loneliness that can come from being alone It’s best to get your puppy involved in socializing in the beginning whether at classes for training, in parks, or in your neighborhood.

The Pug or Beagle is able to train easily and it’s safe to declare that the Puggle isn’t as easy. The most effective method of training for a Puggle because of its stubborn nature to be rewarded by using treats and positive reinforcement. The Puggle is determined to be loved by its companions and is very sociable however, it is adamant to stand it’s ground when you tell it to do something, especially when you make harsh sounds or have a strict attitude. Be positive with your pet and you will help you in your training.


Certain breeds are more susceptible to certain health problems in comparison to other breeds; this is especially true for Pugs as well as Puggles. Because both breeds have wrinkled, smashed faces and can be prone to chronic respiratory issues.

To make breathing easier You should be aware of their weight as obesity could cause breathing problems. It is also important to avoid hot or humid climates for too long since these can trigger breathing difficulties.

Obesity is a different health issue which pugs are more susceptible than Puggles are more prone to develop. In addition to the monitoring of their breathing it is important to keep track of your dog’s calories as well as weight.

Pugs and Pugs also have a higher chance of developing eye issues like eye problems like Cherry Eye, corneal ulcers, as well as dry eyes. Although these dogs’ eyes are a popular choice for people of all ages and provide them with adorable, appealing appearance, it is important to keep an eye on their eyes frequently.

Puggles are also influenced by Beagles in the field of epilepsy. It’s an atypical health risk for Beagles that are passed on to Puggles by genetics. Additionally, as a result of Beagles, Puggles can develop different joint problems like hip dysplasia, and the dislocated knee cap.


Every dog needs an adequate diet that includes minerals, vitamins and proteins, as well as carbohydrates, and fats to live an active and healthy lifestyle. The amounts of each nutrient differ based on the size and age of your pet.

Each dog requires a certain amount of nutrition, however, you must be aware of the amount of fat your dog consumes because they’re susceptible to becoming obese. Pugs are a fad for eating and can consume all day long and you must be aware of their intake of food and weight to ensure that they’re an appropriate size.

Similar to treats. Treats can be a great incentive to train your dog however, you must limit them because treats are likely to be higher in fat content and a general increase in your dog’s calories.

Similar to that, Puggles also have a predisposition to obesity, and so the same type of monitoring required for Pugs is also applicable to Puggles too. However, Puggles generally require more food than Pugs because they’re much more energetic than their couch potato counterparts. Although they require more food, it is important be sure that they don’t eat too excessive.


One of your Pugs or Puggle’s most important things to concentrate on while grooming them is their wrinkles and facial folds. The dirt and grime that accumulates can be trapped beneath their wrinkles, which is why you must clean them under them frequently to ensure that they don’t cause an eye infection or skin irritation.

The two dogs share similar short coats, which shed regularly. Puggles will inherit certain aspects of their parents’ shed habits and the shed frequency that their parents in the Beagle breed. Because both breeds shed frequently it is essential to brush every week, at least every few days. They could also benefit from grooming equipment like grooming gloves or shedding brushes, so that you can clean up any hair that is loose.

For bathing, both Pugs as well as Puggles do not require regular baths. Make sure to bathe your dog only as necessary if they appear unclean or they were involved in a messy incident in their time of play. Make sure to put them in their proper folds after bathing them, and look at their eyes.

Puppy Prices

The cost for Pugs and Puggles as with all dogs, is contingent on the place you buy or adopt them. Puggles typically be between $1,00 to $1,500 however, the cost will vary based on the lineage of the dog’s purebred. Pug prices vary between between $800 and $2,000.

Although both breeds are in an incredibly similar price range however, Puggles are priced more due to being hybrids, a “designer” breed and have been gaining popularity in recent times. Similar to Pugs however, the already high cost of Puggles is dependent on the purity of their lineage.

Final Thoughts

Although Pugs as well as Puggles have similarities as well as distinctions You must select the one that is most suitable for your lifestyle and requirements. Both are loyal, loving dogs, but the decision between them is yours to make.

Both breeds have to demonstrate the love and affection in order to train them. The Puggle needs more time to play as opposed to the Pug and is more content to spend the day watching TV with you. However, Puggles are easier to groom and clean. But both breeds have particular health issues that require periodic monitoring and checkups to ensure the dog’s best health.

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