Puggle vs. Chug

The Puggle and the Chug are both designer dog breeds, created by crossbreeding a Pug with another breed. A Puggle is a cross between a Pug and a Beagle, whereas a Chug is a cross between a Pug and a Chihuahua.

When comparing the two, Puggles usually have more of the temperament and energy level of a Beagle, being friendly, adventurous, and having a stronger tendency to follow their noses. Chugs, on the other hand, posses most of the Chihuahua traits, meaning they can be a bit more territorial and protective, but at the same time loving and loyal.

In terms of physical characteristics, Puggles generally are larger and have a longer body, and inherit the Beagle’s propensity for howling and barking. Chugs are usually smaller, compact and can be a bit more quiet compared to Puggles.

Both breeds tend to have the Pug’s short, smooth, and glossy coat, but their color can vary widely. Healthwise, like all mixed breeds, they can have a combination of any of the health problems of the parent breeds. Regular vet check-ups and a balanced diet can help ensure a healthy pet life.

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

Are you thinking about adopting Puggle or Chug to be your next pet?. Some people do not want to have a purebred dog as their forever companion. For some people it is akin to the Pug or. the Chug dog. The first is an amalgamation of two breeds: the Pug as well as the Beagle and the other is a mixture between both the Pug as well as the Chihuahua.

Although both mixed breeds have the Pug as an common ancestral dog They differ in a variety of ways. Both breeds have their own requirements and requirements, so it’s important to think about these factors (and how they impact your daily life) prior to making your final choice.

Perhaps you’ve been stuck in this Chuggle vs. Puggle debate for some time. Maybe you clicked on this article because “Puggle” is fun or the word “Chug” is new to you. Whatever the reason we’ll cover the basics of it for you, and then break it into smaller pieces to provide the most detailed information we can. Let’s get started!

Puggle vs. Chug

Breed History

You may be wondering how the two dogs got their names. Perhaps, you may be wondering what the reason they were created. Don’t worry, we’ve provided you with the answers. Continue reading to find out more about each designer dogs and what might make them the ideal addition to your family.


The Puggle is an relatively new breed in the field of crossbreeds. The experts in the field believe that this breed was created at the close in the early 20th century. They gained popularity because of their adorableness and this “designer dog” (as they are often referred to) blends the general shape that is the Beagle with the wrinkled face that is characteristic of Pug. Pug.

Many dog lovers believe that the muzzle that resembles a Beagle will allow dogs to breathe, as it does to the Pug. But that’s not a guarantee since each dog is likely to adopt different characteristics from their parents. In addition contrary to what is commonly believed Puggles aren’t naturally hypoallergenic.

If you’re looking to adopt or purchase an Puggle it’s unlikely that you’re likely to find one that has an extensive, long-running genetic lineage. More likely, you’re getting the first fruit from a fruitful Beagle-Pug crossbreeding effort.


The background of the Chug however, on the contrary, is a little more complex. Dog breeders believe it is possible that Pugs and Chihuahuas could have crossed without the intervention of humans prior to their formalization as a “hybrid breed.” However the deliberate crossbreeding between Pugs and Chihuahuas began around about the start of the 20th century. This means that the Chug more recent than the Puggle.

Many are not sure the reason breeders decided to start breeding Chugs. But, the consensus is that, like the Puggle the goal was to blend the best qualities of the two breeds: a Pug and the best qualities of a Chihuahua.

However it’s possible that this may be the case but that doesn’t mean it’s the only way to achieve it. (Indeed they share the same muzzle that is flat as Pugs and can cause the regulation of heat difficult.)

This breed does certainly not an allergen-friendly kind of dog that is based on hybrids, but rather the reverse. Anyone suffering from allergies to dogs ought to think about avoiding them completely.

If you don’t have a reasons to believe that it is not the case, you could bet the possibility that any Chug you adopt could be the first in its genetic lineage. This means that there is a certain amount of uncertainty in relation to hypoallergenic characteristics and other characteristics.


Although these two dogs descend from the Pug The two dogs have distinctive appearances. While they’re both small dogs Pugs tend to be heavier than the Chugs. A variety of physical characteristics could make a difference on a potential dog’s future So, take your time to learn more regarding each breed.

Puggles wear short double coats. They come in a variety of shades: black, fawn and red, as well as lemon to mention a few. If they’ve got white in the mix with these colors, it’s known as “parti-color.”

As with their predecessors, Puggles can have muzzles that are black–though the pattern isn’t uniform across the breed. But, one thing they are likely to get from their Beagle cousins is their ears that are floppy.

Chugs offer a variety of their coats. Their fur may be rough, or it could be soft, based on the breed of their parents they are adolescent to more. The color they typically have is black, cream, white brown, or the fawn. Chugs can be either a one color or they can have multiple colors. Similar to Pugs as well as Puggles, Chugs can have muzzles that are colored. Their ears could or might not be loose.


When it comes to picking the right dog temperament is usually an important factor that people consider. There’s one thing that both dogs share They’re both social. You’ll be happy to learn that both dogs is a wonderful pet for families. This isn’t surprising considering the friendly temperament that is the Pug (and, for the Puggle that of the Beagle).

Who will live in the house with your dog? It could be you alone, or are you a parent with kids? Like we said, both dogs are great with their families, but Puggles are more tolerant of children than Chugs are.

This doesn’t mean that Chugs will not love children however. This implies that the introduction of them to younger children could be an more challenging learning curve when compared to the introduction of Puggles and children in the early years. It is important to teach children how to behave around any dog that you allow to your home.

Do you have pets? Are you a pet owner? an additional dog at home in your home? If yes, you may be interested in the possibility of a Puggle. They can get better with other dogs quickly than the more often-solitary Chug. But, you are able to bring home the Chug to share the other dog(s) so long you’re willing to complete the task of slowly and introducing them as quickly as you can.

Do you own an animal? If yes then you may want to consider the Chug. They can fight with cats.

In addition, a characteristic that makes them stand out is the vigilance. Chugs may bark however they’re also ready to make friends with anyone who comes across their path. Chugs however are guard dogs that naturally. They might be small however, they are territorial.


Like every other canine, these two curious dogs require exercise. For the Puggle this requirement is not difficult to understand, since they are a joy to be around. It is recommended to give them at least 30 minutes of exercise each day, which you could divide into two sessions of exercise.

Chugs are active dogs too, and they’ll love to go for a stroll around. Additionally, since they’re particularly susceptible to obesity, you should take the time to exercise them for 30 minutes to an hour every day. Be sure to ensure they are getting less physical activity (including longer walks) frequently, too.


Both dogs are adorable However, their training is much more difficult to do than it sounds. Both are dog breeds with a single-minded mindset that won’t follow your wishes when you want it. With a lot of persistence and love, , you’ll be able to be successful in training one of them.

The primary distinction in training is due to the type of reinforcements you employ. Chugs can be offered food as a reward for good behavior, whereas you must offer Chugs with reinforcements that are not based on food. Whatever method you choose to use to train your dog ensure that it is done with plenty of affection!!


The two dogs listed above have an average level of health for canines. Naturally, both are vulnerable to certain ailments.

Puggles, for example affected by hypothyroidism. Although the issues that are caused by hypothyroidism are serious (including but not limited to, infertility and obesity) the dogs affected by it can lead happily with the right medication.

In their own way, Chugs are at risk of breathing problems and issues with heat regulation due to their snouts that are flat. Also, there is the possibility of eye problems, such as cataracts. Keep a close eye on your dogs. If you spot something that’s not right, speak with your veterinarian immediately.


This is the issue when it comes to crossbred dogs: since there are no two dogs belonging to the same breed will have the same characteristics and recommending a specific amount of food that dogs are supposed to eat isn’t easy. Always consult your veterinarian to determine what’s best for your dog in case you are concerned.

In this regard, Puggles typically do well with .5 to 1.5 cups of Kibble daily, which is being fed two meals. Be aware of their food intake because Puggles are at a higher risk of obesity and overeating. Make sure to keep their food bowls unfulfilled between mealtimes.

For Chugs The quantity of their food require is based on the specific dog’s requirements. Talk to your veterinarian to determine the best food for your dog. However, you should be feeding them kibble designed specifically for small, energetic dogs. This is particularly important in the puppy phase when both dogs must consume puppy food designed specifically for dogs of smaller sizes..

Similar to Puggles, Chugs are likely to eat too much if left on their own So, follow your the meal plan carefully and be aware of what your pet is eating. If you don’t, you’ll end up having to put your dog on a diet. This isn’t a good idea for them or for you.


Like all dogs, dogs require special grooming.

Puggles shed lots. They need regular brushings to ensure that the sheds are taken care of. However, they do not require regular bathing. It is best to bathe them only whenever it’s needed. Even after, you should take care to ensure that there are no traces of water or other impurities into the dog’s wrinkles or eyes.

Then, dry them completely, especially on wrinkles. This will reduce the chance of getting an infection. Be sure to check the eyes of your pet for indications of irritation or infection frequently.

Chugs are a kind of shed hound also, and they require brushing at least every week. For bathing it is possible to do so every month. Between bathing you’ll want to remove the wrinkles of your dog using baby wipes or a damp cloth, then dry them thoroughly and then treat the wrinkles with baby powder.

Based on the needs of your dog the routine could require a regularly, weekly or even every month. The ears of your dog, however, must be checked every day for blemishes and dirt.

Both dogs require regular nail trimmings as well as dental cleaning. They also require regular dental cleaning. Chugs’ teeth require regular cleaning (once every weekly) and Puggles require attention three times a week. Should you have concerns or questions regarding grooming your dog’s teeth, make sure you consult with your veterinarian.


Price is a major aspect when it comes to choosing a dog and that’s the reason Puggles and Chugs might diverge the most. With the $800 and $1,000 beginning costs and $1,000, respectively Chugs can cost more than a Puggle.

Make sure you inquire with any breeder or adopter many questions regarding the dog you’re interested in Be wary of anyone who is attempting to cut the price significantly. Any reliable breeder or adopter will be able to answer all your questions and have conducted all the necessary genetic tests on every dog.

Final Thoughts

This concludes the story! Both dogs could be a wonderful addition to your family and it’s all according to your personal preferences. Although both dogs have their ancestors with the Pug for ancestors, they differ in a number of ways. Particularly, Puggles are extremely outgoing and sociable, whereas Chugs are more reserved.

If you’re looking to add an additional happy addition to your household, consider the Puggle. If you’re the only one (and maybe an animal), try the Chug. Whichever choice you make You can be sure that you’ve made an eternal friend!

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