Rottweiler vs. Boerboel: Which Breed is Better For Families?

Both Rottweilers and Boerboels are impressive breeds known for their size and strength, but they have different personalities and requirements. Rottweilers are known for their agility and endurance, whereas Boerboels, originally bred for guarding homesteads, have a more calm and stable temperament.

When it comes to size, Boerboels are generally larger. Male Rottweilers typically reach 24-27 inches in height, while male Boerboels stand 24-28 inches tall. Weight can also vary, with Rottweilers ranging from 95-135 pounds and Boerboels ranging from 110-200 pounds.

Training and socialization are key for both breeds. Rottweilers are highly trainable but can be stubborn, requiring a confident handler. Boerboels need early socialization, responding well to firm, but loving training.

Both breeds can be good with children if raised with them from a young age. Rottweilers are usually more playful and energetic, while Boerboels are more protective. Always remember, interactions between any dog breed and children should be supervised.

In terms of health, both breeds have a similar lifespan of 9-10 years. They both can be prone to certain genetic health conditions, so it’s important to obtain your pet from a reputable breeder who screens for these issues.

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

Are you considering adopting one of Rottweiler or a Boerboel and don’t know which to choose? Both dogs are tough dogs that people would never mess with. But which one is the most tough? Who is the best guard dog? Perhaps you’re wondering which is the best pet for your family? No matter what your question we’ll be able to answer all of your concerns and more.

Both the Rottweiler as well as Boerboel are large dogs. Boerboel are huge dogs that require lots of room. They both need plenty of space. Rottie can be described as a secluded softie who is a lover of human interaction and isn’t happy being left to himself. He’s a lot of amusement and is a huge jolly when he is with family. The Boerboel is an extremely reliable family protector who never takes his eyes away from the gates. Originating originated from South Africa, this breed is very determined and self-sufficient.

Both dogs have certain distinctions however, they also share certain striking similarities. Are you unsure which is the best choice for you? Let’s dive into the details when we compare the Rottweiler against. the Boerboel head-to-head!

Rottweiler vs. Boerboel

Breed History

Examining the background of a breed’s history can give you a great idea of what they’ll be like as a pet for the family. For those who are rescued There’s a good chance that their owners didn’t do this aspect of their study. Therefore, it’s crucial to give yourself an education about the history of dogs.


The Romans created the Rottweiler by using mastiff-type dogs. They required a strong dog that could guard their armys herds against predators and adversaries. In the past, hundreds of years later, the butchers who traveled around Rottweil from Germany was so impressed with their ability to guard that they decided to adopt the dogs to be their very own.

Then they changed their name to the Rottweiler. Rottweilers are part of the Molosser family, similar to Pitbulls and other big breeds that are derived from the same breed.

Since then, they’ve also held other jobs. For instance, as a farmhand in the protection service as well as the police and military. Despite his intimidating manner however, he is a great pet for the family as well. Reliable and kind He was among the very first aid dogs for blind people. For a long period of time, he has been among the top ten of the most popular breeds of dogs throughout America as per the American Kennel Club (AKC).


Similar to the Boerboel, it is a mastiff dog. It was also trained to protect the property of his master. However, this time the guard is against lions as well as other predators of beasts within South Africa. Boerboels proved to be versatile too, and he pulled carts on the farm and protected the family from intruders.

He’s always been a diligent worker who can go on for all day without direction. Due to his exceptional guardian skills He’s often considered to be similar to Bullmastiffs and even Cane Corsos due to their resemblances.

Like the Rottweiler Over time humans began to appreciate the sweetness he displayed to his loved ones. In particular, with kids. In fact, the breed frequently fulfills the function as therapy dog, even in hospitals for children. He’s currently ranked at 121 1st most loved dog breed in America however this is due to the fact that the AKC has only recently acknowledged his status.


A Rottweiler and A Boerboel can be distinguished from one another, but it’s solely due to the color. The Rottie loves the coat of black and tan with distinctive marks. The Boerboel prefers lighter brown or red coat. The only thing is visible on him is the black mask and the darker-colored ears. Their coat colours make them immediately identifiable.

When you take a look at their coats, you will observe how much they’re alike. Both are mastiff dogs and you can tell this due to their large-boned frames and chests that are deep. They are both the same height, and sport the same head shape, square, and big drop-down ears.

Although they are similar in size, they do not have the identical weight. In certain instances it is the case that the Boerboel could be nearly twice as heavy as the Rottweiler. If you’ve never experienced the pleasure experience of playing with a Boerboel, make it a double Rottweiler or imagine the staggering size. This alone means that the Boerboel not a good fit for numerous family homes, and only homes that are large and have plenty of space to roam be able to accommodate him.

Both have two coats that keep them cool in the scorching temperatures of Africa and warm during the frigid German winters. It is true that the Rottie’s fur is a little longer than that of the Boerboels however, not enough to be considered an average-length coat. It’s smooth and dense and, being a bit larger than the Boerboel’s coat and more supple to the feel.


The personalities that is the Rottweiler as well as the Boerboel have a lot in common, as well as distinctions. They are, without doubt, both amongst the most effective guard dogs in the world. Should we have to pick one, however, the Boerboel is the more formidable family guardian. They are family-oriented and will do anything for them So you can be at ease knowing that they’ve secured the fort as you and your loved ones relax and unwind.

They are sweet and affectionate with their families. If their minds are in the mood to relax to relax and they are both content to lay down at your feet. They each enjoy being with humans and want to be assured that they are a valuable family member. They’re both calm when they are in the house, compared to other breeds of dogs.

It is said that the Rottie is always ready to a game of entertainment and the Boerboel is ready to play whenever the opportunity arises. If you’re seeking a dog source of entertainment then the Rottweiler isn’t as serious. Due to the size of their breed and intimidating appearance It’s not uncommon to observe the Rottweiler as a contrast to other breeds of mastiff. While he’s smart and professional at work, he can be very silly at home.

It is true that the Rottie can be a much more ferocious dog to keep around the home, given that he’ll become your second shadow, and will never ever leave your close proximity. The Boerboel however, in contrast is a dog who will be able to stay out in the open all day without requiring attention. This is a major deciding aspect for many, based on the level of dog desire they have or if they have the enough time to do it.

Both dogs are dominant personalities, and each require a strong but fair dog owner. But, they are different in that the Rottie is more loyal to commands than Boerboel and can learn basic obedience commands faster. The Boerboel is, without doubt requires a seasoned dominant dog owner. Dog owners who are newer might be able to adopt the Rottie in the event that they are willing to adhere to strict rules. The Rottie is not extremely agresive unless it is improperly trained.


It is said that the Rottweiler as well as the Boerboel each require 60 minutes of physical activityevery day to ensure that their hearts are pumping blood throughout their massive bodies. While they require the identical amount of exercise however, the Boerboel requires more vigorous exercise. This could mean jogging more than walking, or playing endless games of play in the park, rather than just a few minutes.

You must be more active to be a Boerboel in comparison to the Rottie. At times, you’ll find that the Rottie will be resistant to strolls and will try convincing you to believe that laying on the couch is the best option. Additionally they both require stimulation throughout the day.

We suggest purchasing the Rottie’s approved pet toys to your Rottweiler as well as tough pet toys that are XXL that are suitable for Boerboels. This will keep the two breeds from getting bored and putting it on your furniture of choice.


It could appear that it’s the case that Rottie is smarter over Boerboel. Boerboel due to the fact that they are able to recognize commands quicker. However, Boerboels are extremely smart. They are extremely strong-willed and self-sufficient canines.

A Rottie is faithful and eager to delight his master. He is also quick to learn tricks. Particularly when a treat is to hand. It is a treat to be enjoyed. Boerboel is not as than interested in pleasing you and therefore, is not always eager to learn the latest commands.

This means that the training of the Boerboel an even more difficult task and a commitment for a lifetime. This is the reason why the Boerboel isn’t a good choice for new dog owners. Because the Rottie is smart and eager to please and loves to be with you and affection, he is much more easy to train. But, both breeds require strong leaders who can teach them the ropes. In the absence of this, they could be both dominant and chaotic.

Your Rottie is likely to be more a breeze to train as long as your Rottweiler is wearing the correct harness equipped for walks. Boerboels might not be able to cooperate as well with a harness and may require more intensive training. It is likely that you will need to use various training tools to ensure they are well-behaved and complying with instructions.

For both of them, socialization is crucial as they’ll see every thing as a threat and behave in a manner that is threatening. Begin this process when you bring your pet home. This increases your chance of having a nice dog when they get older. The most efficient method of reinforcement for positive behavior is to use the Positive Reward and efficient training method you can use.


Both the Rottweiler as well as the Boerboel are healthy dogs. Like all breeds that are huge they have a shorter lifespan than that of the average. The Boerboel has a shorter lifespan of one year than the Rottie because of his bigger size. Both are equally at the risk being overweight as well as developing obesity-related ailments like diabetes and bone diseases Be careful not to allow them to consume too much.

The Rottie and Boerboel must be examined for hip and elbow dysplasia. Along with a range of eye issues like cataracts and entropion. Additionally the Rottie must be examined for a range of heart conditions, including subvalvular aortic narrowing. In general the Rottie is more prone to health issues however, the Boerboel has a shorter life span.


Rottweilers are well-known for having sensitive stomachs, which is why it is important to choose carefully when it comes to the quality of a Rottweiler’s food. Rotties are able to consume as much as four cups premium dog food each day, in contrast to the Boerboel, which will require around six cups of food. This means that the Boerboel could be twice as costly to feed as the Rottie. Both require premium kibble that can provide the animals with a balanced diet.

Since they are both huge dog breeds, they’ll require the huge or large breed food itemto satisfy their nutritional requirements particularly during their puphood. Alongside their high risk of overweight, both are susceptible to suffering from gastric torsion which is also known as the bloat. It is a serious condition that is caused by feeding dogs right before or after exercising.


The Rottweiler and the Boerboel have similar double coats. This means that their grooming routines are as well. The Rottie has an ever-so-slightly larger and more dense coat sheds a little greater than Boerboel. However, in the end it’s not an enormous amount. The two will each require brushing every week throughout the year and two times in the time of shedding.

Because of the shorter length of their coats, dogs just require to bathe once every 8-12 weeks. Make sure you make use of a dog shampoo that is made of natural and gentle ingredients that won’t irritate their skin. The only difference in their grooming routines is that the Boerboel is the queen of admiring. Make sure you have a few wipes throughout the house to ensure you can wash his crooks regularly during the course of the day.

Puppy Prices

The price for a puppy of both the Rottweiler as well as the Boerboel is similar price, and the prices of a reliable breeder begin at around $1,500. The Boerboel is more sought-after and you should expect to travel for one, however as important, the Rottweiler is more sought-after. Therefore, you may need to be added to waitlists depending on the breeder you’d like to collaborate with.

Beware of breeders on backstreets and puppy mills that offer lower prices however their puppies are more likely to be unwell and not socialized. Alongside the initial cost of a puppy it is important to think about all the additional costs, including collars, beds and toys, food and medical expenses, insurance and so on. The Boerboel as the larger dog, will most likely to be more expensive that the Rottie in general.

Final Thoughts

It is believed that the Rottweiler as well as Boerboel Boerboel are, in the end, equally similar and distinct. Both are huge dogs that are solitary and require honest but firm owners. They are both extremely sensitive. Rottie is the most sensitive of both, while Boerboel is more independent. Boerboel has more independence. Both have the same energy requirements however the Boerboel is the more energetic dog.

Overall, both of these dogs make great family pets However, their distinct characteristics can help you decide which one is more suitable to your family and you. Make sure that you are able to fully be devoted on whatever your pet’s requirements are, because if you don’t then there could be problems developing. If you are able to and do so, you’ll be blessed with a amount of love and protection from your beloved big.

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