Rottweiler vs. German Shepherd

Rottweilers and German Shepherds are both highly intelligent breeds with distinct qualities. Rottweilers are robust, powerful dogs with a protective nature, primarily known to be fearless defenders of their family. German Shepherds on the other hand, are favored for their versatility and they wear many hats- service dogs, police/military dogs, herding dogs and loyal family pets.

German Shepherds tend to be easier to train and somewhat more friendly with strangers or other animals, making them a popular choice for families and first-time dog owners. Rottweilers, while also trainable, require a more experienced hand owing to their independent nature and deep guarding instincts.

With respect to health, both breeds have their issues. German Shepherds tend to suffer from hip dysplasia, demonstrating the importance of purchasing from a reputable breeder. Rottweilers can have predispositions towards heart conditions and certain types of cancer.

In terms of size, Rottweilers are usually a bit larger than German Shepherds. However, both dogs require regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight and a strong, lean physique. Regardless of breed, the personality and behavior of a dog is largely influenced by upbringing and training. So, make sure to invest time and effort in raising a well behaved and happy pup!

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

If you’re in search of an animal for your family or a dog that will protect the business you run, then might have thought about adopting one of the Rottweiler as well as an German Shepherd Dog. These big dogs are able to be intimidating to people as well as animals. Don’t be deceived by their athletic appearance or the myths that surround these dogs.

While they’re powerful and strong dogs, they’re also prone to melting into the mush after they’re petted. They could also become your children’s best friends. They’ll defend the family and strive to delight you if you train them in a proper manner. If you’re a fan of working dogs it’s possible that you’ll have difficulty picking between the two breeds due to their similar traits. They also are a well-loved crossbreed.

Are you curious about what it’s like to have a Rottweiler or. German Shepherd? Continue reading to learn the details about these amazing purebreds. A lot people who read our blog have positive opinions about each breed, and how they have affected their families to the benefit.

Rottweiler vs. German Shepherd

Breed History

The history of a dog is an essential aspect of the ‘how will this dog fit in my life?. While the past of the two breeds is not connected by any means, they’re alike. Shepherds and Rottweilers also served as service dogs throughout the years. They were also among the first dogs to aid blind people.


One of the most important things to know concerning these breeds is that that they are incredibly active. Rottweilers are part of an Roman family. They were dogs used to keep the herds of dogs which fed armies as they travelled across the continent.

When they began breeding with the local breed, livestock farmers started making use of the canines’ strength to transport their livestock to the market. Rottweilers secured the butcher’s products and drove carts to transport the meat. They’re named for Rottweil, the city of Rottweil in which they were extensively used.

When clients bought their meats, it was believed that they would place the money into purses that were strapped to the necks of the dogs to ensure their safety. This is why the Rottweiler is known as “the butcher dog of Rottweil.”

At the time that the Industrial Revolution began, trains and cars transported market goods, and dogs weren’t needed anymore. In the beginning of the 20th century, people began breeding dogs for their appearance as well as their personalities and appealing qualities. Although Rottweilers were still used for service and police dogs however, they weren’t as involved in the military as other breeds.

German Shepherd

German Shepherds have a lot in military service, despite the fact that they’re typically herding dogs. The 18th century was when a military man known as Capt. Max von Stephanitz sought to develop the ideal Herding Dog. Utilizing the top herding dogs of each central and northern district of Germany The breed was developed.

While he was a fantastic herding dog, his traits make him a perfect applicant for the academy of police. He enrolled, worked rigorously, and graduated with high marks. Since the time, he’s been among the most sought-after police K9s all over the world.

Similar to the Rottweiler The Shepherd’s popularity was hampered some due to anti-German sentiments following during the Word Wars. In fact, the name was changed to Alsatian in many areas of the world, and is still known under this name to this day. The breed’s popularity has increased over time it has evolved into two more distinct breeding breeds according to the location of your home.


Rottweilers are larger than German Shepherds.. They weigh more than German Shepherds. typical Rottie male weighs between 135 and 110 pounds. Females weigh less and range between 75 and 110 pounds. The male German Shepherds tend to weigh closer to 65-90 pounds. Females typically weigh between 50-70 pounds. But, size isn’t the only aspect. A mild Rottweiler may appear smaller than a boisterous German Shepherd.

It’s not just their dimension that makes them difficult to distinguish. The Rottie is an large and slender dog, and is popular for his intimidating appearance. He is a large head that is square, and is proportional to the size of his body. German SHepherds are taller and more athletic, making him more effective in the field of police.

All Rotties come with a short- or medium length double coat, and it’s dense, thick, shiny and has a soft texture. German Shepherds can choose one to choose from four coat kinds that are medium, short and long, each having an undercoat. The fourth choice can be a longer coat that does not have an undercoat.

Rotties typically sport the classic coat of black and tan with the typical Rottie design. In contrast to the Shepherd which has more shades, such as black and brown, black, blue, and white.


The two breeds are distinct in their characteristics. Both breeds are typically not suitable for new owners. German Shepherds are dogs that work and require a lot of exercise than the other breeds. If they’re not exercised in a proper manner they could be destructive.

Rottweilers On contrary were developed to be guardians and guardians. They might not require the same amount of exercise, but they are dominating dogs and can be quite determined when they are trained. Let’s take a look at these differences in some more in detail.

They’re both confident dogs who can quickly identify themselves as the leader, despite no firm direction. Don’t let them run around you all the time, as should you allow them to they can become destructive and even dangerous. They require an strong leader who is willing to be able to spend time with them. Every breed was bred over time for various reasons, and you have to provide them with tasks they were designed for to preserve their original nature.

The two breeds of dogs can be quiet and sociable. They may also curl up on your lap, if you allow them. However, for the most part they are both brave and confident. They are quite frightened until they’ve experienced mistreated or neglected and in that case, they can be shy, anxious or even snappy.

Many Rottweilers are famous for their lovable and goofy nature when they are with their family. German Shepherds are fun but slightly less snarky. Both breeds are very adept with children Many families vouch for each breed as being the most wonderful they’ve owned.

As Guardian Breeds

Both breeds possess defensive and territorial instincts that can be useful to your advantage if you wish to safeguard your family and home. As with all dogs they can be trained to be aggressive. Many people are concerned that Rottweilers tend to become hostile towards the owners of their pet. When your pet is well-behaved and is treated with respect and is treated with respect, it shouldn’t be expected to behave that way. Different breeds of dogs have turned against their owners, but it’s not a specific breed issue.

Due to these protective and territorial instincts, dogs are not particularly friendly with strangers. They must be able to warm up to strangers before they can understand that they are not an enemy. Making sure that they are socialized properly by having them interact with strangers at an early age will help prevent them from engaging in the behavior that is antisocial and keep them sociable.


If you own an Rottie or a Shepherd you must be aware of what it means to have a dog that is a working one. Both dogs are full in energy. While exercise is essential to all dog breeds, but it’s even more important to the happiness of these two dog breeds. Rotties need at least an hour of exercise each day. They love long walks, when you have time.

If you’re thinking this is a lot, think about that the American Kennel Club suggests that German Shepherds receive at minimum 2 hours exercise each day. Families with limited time to devote much time to dogs might want to consider adopting an Rottie rather than a Shepherd. For keeping your German Shepherd active and entertained Try a range of various pet toys and determine what ones are most suitable for your dog.

If you’re not exercising with your pet, make sure that it gets lots of stimulation for its mind. Dogs in the wild spend around 80percent all day searching for food. It is possible to set up the same kind of routine for your pet. If you don’t provide your dogs something to entertain them They’ll find their own ways to entertain themselves that usually involves digging around in the yard or cleaning your carpets.


Rottweiler owners must commit to educating their dogs properly. Because they are massive and strong, they can overpower you much more easily than small German Shepherd. However, Shepherds are powerful dogs.

If you have one or both of them, consistency is key in their training. If you are uncooperative, your dog will not be able to anticipate what’s coming. If you provide dogs with a structure they can be more in control of their surroundings. It is important to learn how to walk them in a manner that is safe for them. They’re equally likely to chase an animal on your stroll in the afternoon.

Rottweilers might be more food-driven of both breeds. In reality, Rottweilers are considered to be hungry dogs. Treats can be used to encourage your dog’s behavior and keep its stomach full.

However German Shepherds are most likely to get influenced by games as well as praise. So your training sessions will likely include commands that are that are followed by a fun game of playing fetch. Both breeds can be trained and that’s why they are often employed in search and rescue missions as therapy dogs as well as in police tasks. In general, German Shepherds tend to be the simplest to train out of both breeds since they tend to be more inclined to be a pleasure to.

A Rottweiler is more likely to seek an opportunity to violate your rules, however. So, it is important to adhere to your training. Don’t let your misbehavior go unnoticed or your Rottie will be able to influence you.

When it comes to obeying instructions when it comes to obeying commands, the German Shepherd is more adept at learning. When you’ve taught them how to follow a procedure and they’ll stick to it. However, every animal is unique. The breed of dog doesn’t always determine their personality.


The two breeds of dogs are generally well-behaved dogs. However, both breeds have their own share of health issues. The Rottie is expected to live a life span of 9 to 10 years, while the German Shepherd can expect an additional few years between 12-14 years old. This is due to Rottie being a large huge dog breed because they have shorter lives.

The most significant issues that concern those who Rottie are the elbow and hip dysplasia. It occurs when the bone and socket are not sitting correctly. This can cause discomfort and mobility issues however, it could be a reason for surgery later on the line.

It is also important to note that the Rottie is also susceptible to heart problems including cardiomyopathy, as well as subaortic stenosis. This is why it’s vital to ensure his heart is healthy by exercising regularly. In addition the progressive retinal atrophy condition is another issue to look out for.

The German Shepherd is also susceptible to elbow and hip dysplasia. Shepherds are among the breeds that are most affected by hip dysplasia. It is possible to help maintain your German Shepherd’s joints and hips in good shape by taking supplements with glucosamine and ensuring that they have an comfortable but solid dog mattress to lay on.

German Shepherd breeders should only breed dogs that have high hip score and try to eliminate the sloped back as much as it is possible. Another issue to the Shepherd is the degenerative myelopathy, which is a degenerative spinal condition that develops after age eight.


The Rottie consumes a little more than the other breeds, which is to be expected due to his size. However, it’s not by any means! The average Rottie eats 4 to 5 cups food every day, based upon their weight. German shepherds generally consume about 2.5 up to 3.5 cup of premium food every day, dependent on their gender, size and needs for growth.

Every dog is unique and the way they behave can vary according to your pet’s size and age, as well as their energy levels and the type of food. Always feed these dogs high-quality, high-quality kibbles specifically made for large breed dogs.

For breeds that could be dominant, like these It is important to force them to be a bit more responsible for their food than giving it away at no cost. Instead of placing the food bowl down you can try teaching your dog to offer the food as a reward. It may seem difficult however all breeds will enjoy the routine. Even if you only request a paw and it’s a small amount of discipline can go a long way.


The two breeds of dogs have distinct grooming regimens, especially when your German Shepherd is long-haired. All of them are covered in two coats which shed all through the year, and particularly in the time of shedding. The shed of longer-haired Shepherds will be evident than those with shorter coats and the Rottie.

Short-haired German Shepherds as well as Rottweilers are similar in their grooming requirements in that they require brushing every few times per week. In the time of shedding it is recommended to increase this to every each day or every other day. Hair that is longer-coated Shepherds require brushing on a regular basis most days, and even daily during the season of shedding. The reason for this is that their hair is more likely to collect dirt and dust, and will be more prone to tangling.

Both require bathing as much as each other roughly once every 8-12 weeks. This keeps them looking (and smell!) the best. They are at their best. Rottie may require his nails cut more frequently than the Shepherd since he’s not as active. In general, all else is similar in regards to their grooming.

Always make sure you use dog products on both dogs to prevent irritations to the skin and other reactions. It is essential to introduce your dog to grooming routines when he’s a puppy since both dogs can be an issue if they don’t want being groomed.

Puppy Prices

The cost of a puppy from a reliable breeder typically begins at about $1,500 as opposed to the price of a German Shepherd who starts at about $1,000. What is the reason for this difference? Why is that the Shepherd is more well-known which means there are more breeders which impacts the supply and demand based on the location you live in. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot find costly German Shepherd pups. Breeders with champion breeding lines can fetch more than $5,000.

Also, you should consider the cost of ownership for both breeds. While there’s not a significant differencein cost, the price of an Rottie in the course of his life is likely to be higher than the cost of a Shepherd because of their size.

Rotties range from large to gigantic-sized dogs. Larger items usually have the more expensive prices for beds and crates harnesses and toys. In addition, the cost of food is also higher. But keep in mind that the Shepherd will likely surpass the Rottie by several years, so it may not be that much different.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a large family pet that is loyal until the end of the day, any breed of dog are great. They’re not ideal for homes with small spaces or a space with no big yard, unless you plan to take them on several long walks every day. If you’re able to have space and a yard, you could have an enjoyable relationship with your smart dog who is fearless and confident.

Both breeds naturally guard their territories, which makes them each great security dogs. However, these breeds are soft enough to snuggle with you even when they’re not in a state of alert. If you provide your pet what it requires plenty of exercises, opportunities to train, time to play, and stimulation for the mind, it will be rewarded with a loving relationship.

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