Saint Bernard Newfoundland Mix: Saint Bernewfie Breed Information

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It’s the Saint Bernard Newfoundland mix is an affectionate, loving and pet that is a great dog for families. However, this dog isn’t any dog that is a designer He’s officially referred to as the “Saint Bernewfie” and is very cute. We can confidently declare that this dog is an absolute star in many ways. It’s not the most popular Saint Bernard mix, however, he’s becoming more loved by pet lovers and families all over the globe.

If you’re contemplating the introduction of one of these dogs into your home or are thinking about who the guy across the street is, then you’ve arrived at the right spot. Saint Bernewfie is a great breed for dogs. Saint Bernewfie is an ideal choice for families that are unable to decide between the two breeds in comparing them. They are also ideal for those looking to have an original canine mix.

The man is calm and humorous and devoted to his family and sceptical of strangers. He is a fun dog who loves to play with his friends, but also, he’s a gentle giant that makes an great companion for young children. Because he’s a large dog, he requires plenty of space, and he needs an owner who can spend a significant amount of moments with him. There’s much more to this dog than just his cute appearance and we’ll examine him more closely.

Saint Bernard Newfoundland Mix

Parent Breeds

Like every mixed dog, it is essential to know what his parents look similar to. In order to do this, you must know about the breed’s history and what you can expect from their character and size when they reach maturity, to mention only a few of the things.

Saint Bernard

The American Kennel Club, in 2020, has placed as the Saint Bernard as the 48 the most loved breed of dog in America. If it wasn’t for his larger-than-life-size and his drooly jowls, he would probably be much more popular. He is between 26 to 30 inches and he weighs anywhere from 120 to 180 pounds.

It is a huge-sized dog breed. It is a giant-sized dog breed. Saint Bernard can be described as charming, playful and curious, and it is among the gentle giants. He is famous for his affection for children and that is the reason the Saint Bernard was selected to be the Nanny of Peter Pan.

The Saint Bernard originates from Switzerland and is one of the four Swiss breeds of dogs. He is the biggest, and most famous. Hospice monks from the Swiss Alps created large dogs to hunt for the missing and help lost travelers in treacherous weather. However, contrary to what is believed the Saint Bernards didn’t carry alcohol around their necks. This is an untruth. Other well-known Saint Bernard mixes include the Saint Berdoodle, and the Saint Berhusky.


It is believed that the Newfoundland is somewhat more popular and is ranked among the top 40 the most loved breed of dog in America. If it weren’t due to his size, he’d probably be a lot more popular as well. The Newfie is described as an gentle, loving and loyal dog. The most enduring characteristic of the Newfie is that he’s kind and has a love for children.

What the Saint Bernard refers to as the Alps This guy belongs to the cold water of Newfoundland. He has feet that are partially webbed and is robust and able on the sea. He’s been known to help drowning men and was the preferred canine partner. Transporting fishing nets to shore during the day, and babysitting the children at night This dog is an excellent for families with children.

He is between 26 to 28 inches tall. He weighs less that those of the Saint Bernard, somewhere between 100-150 pounds. This means this dog is also a huge dog that requires plenty of space in a home with a large family.

Saint Bernewfie

A mixed breed, it is a mixed breed. Saint Bernewfie is an equidistant breed, which means it’s not completely certain the parentage he’ll take following the most. As with all hybrid breeds before you commit fully to them, it is important to conduct your own research and ensure that you are in love with each of your parents. That means that regardless of how the Saint Bernewfie develops you’ll be content regardless of the result.


Since his parents have a lot in common with their personalities You can be certain that the Saint Bernewfie is kind and affectionate. The Newfie is usually described as a sweet and sour puppy (in an appropriate way of course), as well as the Newfie’s Swiss parent is equally sweet. This means you’re getting some of the most cosy snuggles you’ve ever experienced.

He’d love the opportunity to spend the entire the day in the company of his loved ones but without company He can turn into an obnoxious guy. This means he has to be taken in by a family who will spend the majority part of the time together. This is not a family who are always working for long hours. If you’ve got ample time to spare, then you’ll be the most ideal companion for life.

The dog is sensitive that, despite his massive size, is sensitive to changes in his surroundings or when he is given an ejection. This is one reason why the dog isn’t suited for families that travel often. Also, he is likely to be prone to anxious separation. This is why we recommend that you purchase an animal crate for him that we’ll talk about in the section on training.

His sweetness and sensitivity and his natural protective nature are what make him such an ideal dog companion with children. Naturally, it is always have to be on guard with children who have dogs however, you can rest sure that he’s kind and gentle with children. The only issue you’ll face with small children is his size.

The nature of his protection means the dog will bark whenever there are people around which makes him an great watchdog and alarm dog. He’s not terribly secure, and therefore doesn’t make the most effective guard dog. However, thanks to his size and voice, nobody would be able to handle his presence. Therefore, you’re safe in the hands of Saint Bernewfie, for sure!

Size & Appearance

The Saint Bernewfie along and his giant breeders, is a huge breed of his own. When he reaches maturity, he’ll weigh between 110 to 165 pounds. He’ll be between 26 to 29 inches tall, from the paw to shoulder. Saint Bernewfie’s are big square head, a meaty body and large eyes with a wacky smile that is matched by. The dog has droopy cheeks and you must master that doggy drip.

His paws are massive and so is the rest of his body. In the case of his feet, if he follows after his Newfie parent, he could have the webbed foot. If he is a Saint Bernard parent the muzzle of his pet will be broader and flatter. If he is taking the style of the style of his Newfie parent, his muzzle will be longer and thinner. Whatever the case, this massive breed is stunning.

Coat & Colors

The saint’s coat is thick and soft as are both of his grandparents. The Saint Bernewfie is covered with two coats that sheds moderately through the year, and is particularly heavy in the time of shedding. We’ll explain what you can accomplish with the coat when you go to grooming.

His coat is usually mixed with shades similar to his parents in contrast to the block-color version similar to his Newfie parents. The most popular colors include white and black, as well as brown, black, and white. The more unique shades, or the colors that comes from Saint Bernard, or the color of Saint Bernard parent, are more sought-after and typically have a higher price for.

Exercise & Living Conditions

The Saint Bernewfie requires about an hour of physical activity each day. Because of his size, his workout doesn’t have to be strenuous and it’s unlikely for him to go on a long and strenuous mountain hike with you. Instead, leisurely and long strolls around your block is his preferred leisure activity. Due to his size, you’ll need to ensure that he’s got plenty of large pet toys to enjoy and let go of some excess energy.

Due to his Newfie parents’ expertise on the water, Newfie will also enjoy a dip in the nearby doggy lake. Don’t be intimidated by his size. He will surely enjoy the regular visit to the nearby dog park. As a child, he’s conscious of his massive size and enjoys playing alongside other doggies. It is essential to keep his socialization skills up.

As a smart and nimble dog, this one requires stimulation all day long and. He’s not as hard like other dogs in comparison to Pitbulls. Pitbull. However, a few games throughout the day can keep him active and happy. Training sessions and brain games will keep his brain running.

Since he’s a huge man, he requires an enormous family home that allows him to move his huge body around. He’ll plop himself down on the sofa or wherever else you happen to be. Since he’s an outdoor kind of person, he’d prefer to live in a house with an outdoor garden of his own. He’s unlikely to leap fences, but it is recommended to protect your garden because he is known to bark at people passing by.


It is said that the Saint Bernewfie can be described as a clever canine, but he’s also a bit stubborn. That makes his training slightly difficult because he may have good days and bad ones. It’s just a matter of knowing how to deal with him. Understanding what drives him is the most effective way to teach him (and I’m guessing it’s going to come from the food!). Be sure to know more about Positive reinforcement technique to ensure the greatest results.

Did we mention that this guy could be sensitive? However, you have to control him. A strict no and clear guidelines is required if he begins to behave out of control. It is possible to make him a difficult dog to deal with when you don’t properly train him and start at an young age. It’s good to know that he’s not difficult to train it’s just important to keep it up.

Socialization early is essential, so ensure that you include him in a wide range of people, dogs as well as sounds, sights and. Also, since he’s likely to be afflicted by fear of separation, we also recommend to train the dog when you bring your dog at home. It is necessary to find an XXL-sized cage however once your dog has learned that it’s his safe space and he’s used to it, he’ll be using it every day.


A Saint Bernewfie is a healthy dog that will have an average life span of 8-10 year old. This is a decent amount of time for a dog of this size. As with all mixed breed dogs they can inherit health issues on either of the sides. Here are the most frequent of this breed: Saint Bernewfie breed:

The elbow and hip dysplasia Both of his parents have these conditions, so it’s likely that he’ll be vulnerable to these. This is because the bone isn’t formed properly within the socket, which causes the pain and grinding.

Heart issues Again the parents have several heart issues. The most frequent is arrhythmogenic and dilated cardiomyopathy. right heart disease.

Cystinuria The condition of his Newfie parent is suffering from this condition, and there’s the possibility that he could too. This is because his body is unable to eliminate the cystine from the urine and so stones start to form.


It is believed that the Saint Bernewfie can be described as a huge dog, and will require around 4 cups of food each day. Choose a quality kibble that will provide the dog with a balanced diet. Make sure to feed your dog a huge or large-sized kibble to provide him with the nutrients big dogs require. This is especially important in the puppy phase as it can control the growth of his bones.

It is important to remember that the Saint Bernewfie is one of the big dog that is prone to being afflicted with the bloat. This is why it is crucial to give the dog’s daily allowance in at least two different times. Bloat is a potentially fatal disease It is recommended that you not feed your Saint Bernewfie prior to or following exercise.


The Saint Bernewfie has a thick, thick coat of double that requires regular grooming. A slicker brush along with an instrument for deshedding is the most effective method to deal with the fur’s thickness. It will prevent the hair from getting accumulated on the floor, and also on your clothes. We can safely say that If you aren’t a fan of dog hair, then the Saint Bernewfie isn’t for you.

Cleanse him every two weeks or to keep him fresh and looking the best. Since he wears a water-resistant coat, you’ll have to purchase a special shampoo that penetrates the jacket. The large ears of your dog are susceptible to infections in the ear So, make sure you wash them every week.

Breeders & Puppy Costs

The cost for an Saint Bernewfie will cost you about $800 or more. This is a lot less than to the purebred breeds his parents. Be aware that anything you have to purchase to get your saint Bernewfie pup will (at some time) be XXL in size and can be expensive. If you don’t have enough money to buy a huge dog, then the Saint Bernewfie will not be the best best option for you.

It is believed that the Saint Bernewfie is a very rare breed So you’ll need to allocate ample time to research and to find an established breeder. Begin your search on the internet and search for breeders who have an official website. It is essential to meet the puppies as well as their owners in real-time and watch how they play with the litter. Avoid puppy mills as they usually sell puppies that are sick.

Rescue & Shelters

It is said that the Saint Bernewfie can be a very rare dog that you can buy and is an uncommon find in rescue facilities. If he makes the journey to an rescue facility, you are guaranteed that he’ll be sold quickly. Contact the local rescue center and the staff at them and inform them you’re interested in the Saint Bernewfie.

The best method to save one of these dogs is to contact the dedicated breed associations as they are also responsible for mixed breeds such as those of the Saint Bernewfie. The best place to start would be to contact the Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation as well as the Newfoundland Club of America that list breeds by state.

As Family Pets

  • The Saint Bernewfie is an adorable and affectionate dog.
  • They love human company and are a joy to cuddle.
  • Saint Bernewfies are affluent and don’t like being left to themselves.
  • The Saint Bernewfie is particularly attracted by children.
  • He will be a great companion for other pets, if they are socialized well.
  • The Saint Bernewfie requires a big family home that has access to a garden.
  • He requires 45 minutes of physical activity every day.
  • It is believed that the Saint Bernewfie can be described as a medium or heavy-weight shedder.
  • Be prepared for daily brushing, particularly during the shedding season.
  • He is a smart dog that is easy to train..
  • They do possess an independence streak particularly males.
  • The Saint Bernewfie is a great watchdog.
  • They’ll bark at anyone who walks on your property.

Final Thoughts

It is said that the Saint Bernewfie can be described as an amazing pet for families who simply loves to spend time with his family. Nothing is more satisfying to this dog than snuggling on the couch with his family and friends in front of the television or the fireplace. The only thing he would like is that his family spends the majority of the day with him and has plenty of space and that his long and luxurious coat is cleaned daily.

If you are able to complete all his requirements and he is a good fit, the gorgeous Saint Bernewfie will be your second shadow and most trusted friend. It may take some time to locate him however it will be worth it once you find him.

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