Sheepadoodle Dog Breed Information: Poodle Sheepdog Mix

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Last Updated on September 20, 2023

It is the Sheepadoodle is a dog that has been designed that’s an extremely cute ball of fluffy. If any famous quote from a film could be used to be used to describe the Sheepadoodle that is Agnes’s line in Despicable Me: “it’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!” It’s among the most well-known Poodle breeds that you can adopt.

He is lively He is playful, he is friendly, and the best part is that he’s adorable. There are many more attractive characteristics that can be described as his. But, this isn’t an animal that should be embraced without knowing what this breed is about. The dog needs lots of interaction with humans and plenty of exercise. Additionally, he requires more dedication to grooming.

You must be capable of providing him with all the necessities he requires for him to take pleasure in his playful and affectionate personality. If you can do that it, the dog is definitely worth the effort! Let’s get started and discover something regarding the Sheepadoodle to determine if he will fit in with your life style.

Sheepadoodle Dog

Parent Breeds

It is a Sheepadoodle is a dog that has been designed. It is the puppy dogof Purebred Old English Sheepdog and the purebred Poodle. It’s important to recognize the extra ‘e and to not mislead him into the Shepadoodle which is an hybrid of Poodle and German Shepherd. German Shepherd and Poodle.

Although there are many purebred dog owners who are against the concept of a design dog can actually boost the chances of cross-bred pups being more healthy. This is a method known as hybrid vigor. It blends the attractive appearance and personality of the two breeds into a single fluffy ball. To understand something about the Sheepadoodle it is essential to know a little bit about his parents.

Old English Sheepdog

It is the Old English Sheepdog, despite its name, isn’t really old in the eyes of canine standards. It’s not English and was not used as a sheepdog. He was bred within Great Britain in the latter part of the 18 the century through farmers, who employed him to transport livestock away from the farms and to the market in town. There is also a belief that his predecessors were those of the South Russian Owtchar and the Scottish Bearded Collie. Farmers docked their tails to ensure they could be recognized as dogs that drovers.

This is the reason they got the nickname of ‘bob’ or “bobtail”. He came over to America in the latter part of 19 century. century. The breed was initially held by wealthy American families. They were always the winners of dog shows they entered in.

In the year 2019 The Old English Sheepdog was placed, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC) as the 72 2nd most loved breed in America. The breed has been described as flexible, gentle and intelligent. It’s these qualities that make the Sheepadoodle the gentle and calm aspect. He’s also extremely intelligent and has excellent acting abilities as shown in Walt Disney’s ‘The Shggy Dog’ film.


It is not known which country the Poodles ancestral ancestors came from, as there are numerous various theories regarding their origins. Some believe that he is directly from Asian Dogs. Some believe he is originally from North Africa. The fact that is known is that he came from Germany and is recognized for being a German hunter of waterfowl.

He was a popular choice of traveling Gypsies who soon realized his talent and ability to perform in the circus arena. While traveling he stumbled to the laps of French Aristocracy. The aristocrats soon became enamoured with the dog, and the French are more well-known as the extravagant and charming the national animal of France. This is where the breed was bred to be smaller. The breed was soon available in two different sizes: that of the Toy Poodle and the Miniature Poodle.

In the year 2019 the AKC classified his dog as 7 7 most loved breed in America. It is said that the Poodle can be described as energetic, confident and extremely intelligent. These characteristics that have been passed on to the Sheepadoodle and give the dog his lively side. It is the Standard Poodle is the one that is used to breed the Sheepadoodle due to their size.


It is believed that the Sheepadoodle was initially developed in an American army in order to use the dog as a military dog. Although he proved an extremely intelligent and hardworking dog it also was a great pet for the family.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of meeting an Sheepadoodle on the street, then make sure you check out Otis, who is among Instagram’s most well-known Sheepadoodles. Also, you can check out Zammy who is possibly the most fluffy therapy dog for children in the hospital.

Like any designer dog It is crucial to keep in mind that you can never be able to guarantee the appearance or character characteristics the Sheepadoodle will acquire. It is essential to remain flexible in this regard. If you wish to improve the chances of getting an Sheepadoodle with certain characteristics and characteristics, you should collaborate with breeders that produce the second generation of puppies instead of first generation.


First, and perhaps the most well-known personality characteristic of the Sheepadoodle is his passion to live! There’s never a dull day when you are surrounded by an Sheepadoodle with you. Sheepadoodle is an extremely cheerful, happy dog and has a vivacious personality and a dazzling smile. Overall it is a charming personality that will brighten any family home. This is what makes him such an popular pet for families. It also lends great value as a therapy dog for hospitals and old-age homes.

He’s also extremely energetic and lively. When this is coupled with his passion for life, he is very intense. He’s always on the move and always looking to find a human companion to kiss. He also drives people to play with the Old English Sheepdog parent did with cattle in the past. As he gets older, his intensity will decrease. But, he will remain more lively than the typical dog..

Although these characteristics are charming, they also mean that he must be around his family whenever is possible. He is not one to be left to himself. Due to this, the dog is said to suffer with separation anxiety. Due to his large and powerful dog, it is believed that he can cause some havoc when left unattended in a confined space for too long. If the size of their breed is a problem for you, think about the Goldendoodle to a Golden Retriever as an alternative.

Size & Appearance

Male and female Sheepadoodle can measure between 22 and 22 inches tall They will weigh anywhere between 50 to 80 pounds. Naturally, the larger his parents are bigger the puppy. However, generally speaking, this dog is thought to be an enormous dog.

With his soft black and white fur it is believed to have the panda-likeof dogs. Many people are interested in adopting this breed due to its distinctive appearance! In the majority of cases the dog is a distinct mix of both Poodle and Sheepdog with certain physical characteristics from the two breeds’ parents.

Coat & Colors

His coat is the most distinctive characteristic. It is certainly one of the most fluffy dogs on the planet! The length of his coat is lengthy and heavy and thick similar to the Old English Sheepdog parent. It also has similar curly curls that resemble his Poodle parents but slightly looser. It has one coat and, while not completely hypoallergenic, it is believed to be much more tolerant than the majority of dogs in families that suffer from allergies.

The most well-known hue that is associated with Sheepadoodle is black and white. Sheepadoodle can be described as the black-white. The beed can also be spotted in solid black, as well as white and red. The spots on his body are not uniform and do not be a consistent pattern as other breeds. Both of his parents have the gene that dilutes color that means that sometimes the black may change to grey.

Exercise Requirements

It is believed that the Sheepadoodle is a dog with a lot of energy which requires at minimum 60 minutes of physical activity every day. If he doesn’t, he’ll be bored and agitated and will be quick to eat anything that is in his sight. Due to his Poodle parents’ love of the water it is likely that he will enjoy taking a swimming in the local lake every now and again. Be careful not to take a dip too often as it could cause problems with the coat and skin.

Due to their intelligence, they’ll also require lots of stimulation for their mindsin between workouts. This could take the form of games that are interactive with their family members or brain-based games like chewing toys, or even training exercises.

Living Conditions

It is believed that the Sheepadoodle is a big dog and will require an additional home with an expansive backyard. He won’t be happy being in an apartment, or an area that doesn’t have access to an outdoor space. Because he is so curious, it is important to make sure that the border fencing is secured. Make sure there’s no way for him to get access to a gate since the kid is quick to learn!

He’s extremely at ease with children and because he is a life-sized Teddy bear, children are also likely to enjoy him. But, due to his size and bounciness the bear is better suitable for households that have more mature kids. This is simply because he could knock smaller children on accidental occasions. He’s also extremely comfortable with other animals, and he is likely to be a great addition to the household with multiple pets.


The Sheepadoodle With his smart brains and speedy energy is prone to becoming bored quickly. This is why it’s crucial that all training sessions are short and enjoyable. It is important to reward your dog with treats and lots of positive cues. Rewards-based learning can be the most efficient and efficient method of training dogs, and it has been proven scientifically to strengthen and improve the bond between you and your dog.

It is crucial to also boost the Sheepadoodles well-being and confidence that he is exposed to range of different individuals. It is important to expose children, adults as well as species of animals of different sizes and shapes. It is also important to expose him to different scenarios, such as walking on the sidewalk in traffic.

Try some different sounds at home , such as the hairdryer or vacuum cleaner and make sure that each experience is as enjoyable as it can be. This is known as socialization and helps them become accustomed to all the things that life can bring at them. This helps them to develop into well-behaved and well-behaved dogs.

Alongside the above in addition, it is crucial that you start introducing the Sheepadoodle into grooming a young stage. This is going to become a regular part of his routine, which will make grooming much simpler as he gets older. Make sure he is comfortable with being cleaned by cutting hair while touching his ears and feet and cleaning his teeth. He’s a big boy and if he can’t accept you touching him, it’ll likely be a challenging and stressful job for both of you if you don’t agree with him.


The Sheepadoodle is generally healthy dog with a lifespan of between 12 and 15 years. It is a bit longer than the Poodle dog. The Sheepadoodle is likely to inherit a variety of health issues from both of his parents. The most prevalent health issue that you should be mindful of is hip Dysplasia that is an abnormality in the formation in the joint of your hip. It can cause discomfort when walking as well as arthritis.

He is prone to being afflicted by the range of eye diseases like cataracts. It is recommended to Sheepadoodles to go through an exercise-induced collapse test that can be detected by the D.N.A test. canine autoimmune thyroiditis is also a cause for concern as it is the place when antibodies gradually destroy the thyroid gland. This could cause a range of health problems.

The Poodle is prone to suffering from various skin problems too, including Sebaceous Adenitis. It affects the normal development of hair follicles. This causes hair to fall out, and his surface becoming dry and hard. It is noted that the Old English Sheepdog national breed club provides the recommended tests for him and the Poodle national health club. Like any mixed dog, make sure you read up on their parents’ health concerns and be on the lookout for any signs or illnesses.


The Sheepadoodle will consume about three cups of meals each throughout the day. Be sure to provide him with a high-quality diet designed for big, high-energy dogs to ensure he’s nourished all day. It is also essential to stick to a diet that is specifically designed to fit the size of the Sheepadoodle. Large breed dogs must eat the kibble of a large breed from the time they are puppies until their the twilight years.

It’s also a good idea to choose dry dog food designed specifically for your dog’s age. Older dogs require different nutritional requirements than puppies of younger age.


Grooming the Sheepadoodle is the most important aspectthat must be considered above other factors. The grooming of this breed requires lots of dedication and time by the owner. The grooming requirements for this Old English Sheepdog parent is one of the reasons for him not to be more well-known.

The Sheepadoodle requires regular cleaningto make sure that the fluffy curls don’t get caught and matted. Due to the sheer volume of all his fluff it will take about 20 minutes each daysimply to go through the entire mess. Additionally it is recommended to brush his hair thoroughly every week with a brush that sheds. This will rid him of dead hair and improve blood flow to maintain his skin’s health.

If the Sheepadoodle is wet, whether in the park or the bath, it’s essential to make sure that he’s washed well and thoroughly dried and the soapy water can become extremely itchy and inflamed and turn moldy. While it’s not required for Sheepadoodle owners, many prefer taking their pet to an expert groomer, because it’s an enormous job that demands lots of dedication.

Puppies & Breeders

The starting cost of the puppy Sheepadoodle is $1,400, and can go as high as $2,800. In most cases, there are five puppies in the Sheepadoodle litter. They will maturing between 18 to 24 months which means you can could have 2 years of fun as a puppy with her.

This is a crucial procedure that takes time and perseverance. Finding the perfect breeder is the initial step, and it will define the direction for both of you and your Sheepadoodle’s journey. The best method to begin is to look online for Sheepadoodle breeders. There you can create an inventory of reliable as well as ethical breeders Be certain to read reviews and conduct your own research prior to making a decision.

Another option can be to sign up for the Sheepadoodle group through social media platforms, since these are the places where Sheepadoodle enthusiasts and admirers gather on the internet, and you can seek out suggestions and opinions of people who are more knowledgeable. Be aware that breeders who specialize in puppy mills are also present So be certain to do your own investigation.

If you want to be sure that you have certain characteristics like the standard Sheepadoodle which we’ve described in this article, you should talk to breeders who produce second-generation pups. While these breeders aren’t easy to locate but it’s usually worth the effort to study these breeders.

Rescue & Shelters

There aren’t any Sheepadoodle rescue facilities, simply because there isn’t enough of them in rescue facilities since they are a new breed that is being developed as a designer. The most effective way to locate an Sheepadoodle available for adoption would be to call the nearest old English Sheepdog rescue centre, as well as your nearby Poodle rescue centre because these are the places where your chances of getting an Sheepadoodle are greater.

Alternately, you can make contact with one of the Sheepadoodle’s social media group mentioned above and announce that you’re looking to adopt a dog, as they may have a dog in search of their perfect home.

As Family Pets

  • Sheepadoodles are a happy, playful mixed breed.
  • This mix will give your family plenty of fun.
  • He is a playful dog who enjoys being the centre of the attention of.
  • The breed extremely friendly to strangers as well.
  • They work well with other dogs and can be great.
  • Sheepadoodles are a great pet to add to the multi-pet household.
  • They will be better suited to families with children who are older.
  • Sheepadoodle Sheepadoodle is a dog with a lot of energy.
  • You should expect to keep your dog active for minimum 60 minutes each day.
  • This breed is best placed in a family with a strong and active lifestyle.
  • He is most comfortable in a bigger house with a larger backyard to play through.
  • This breed is prone to becoming destructive if it is not properly exercised.
  • The Sheepadoodle isn’t completely hypoallergenic, however it doesn’t shed a lot.
  • This breed is more tolerant than the majority of dogs that are suited to families with allergies to dogs.
  • You should plan to spend time grooming this breed because of how long their coats.
  • You’ll also require perseverance to finish your grooming chores each day without failure.

Final Thoughts

Although the Sheepadoodle isn’t the ideal dog for everyone’s family, it’s an excellent choice for dog owners who want an energetic and loyal dog who will cherish their loved ones in a way that is unconditionally. Maintaining a clean and groomed dog is essential. However, from a relationship perspective there aren’t many breeds that are as loyal and are as unconditionally loyal to us.

The Sheepadoodle is an excellent choice for families with children If you are able to tick all the boxes that he requires, the Sheepadoodle will give you lots of fun and love for years to come. It certainly takes lots of dedication and time and should not be considered lightly, however, he’s a fantastic hybrid dog that is completely worth the effort!

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