Shorkie Breed Information: All About The Shih Tzu Yorkie Mix

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Last Updated on September 20, 2023

It is the Shih Tzu and the Yorkshire Terrier mixed breed, commonly called the Shorkie is a tiny and fierce dog with lots of personality squeezed inside his tiny body. The Shorkie is a very stubborn dog that requires a steady owner who isn’t going to stop his training because when he’s not fenced in, he could become a problem.

The Shorkie has grown to be a well-known mixed breed in the past few years, primarily due to their feisty nature. This isn’t a problem however, these dogs are very energetic and require a disciplined method of training. If you are able to handle him, then he’s an adorable dog companion with the same loyalty as an Lion!

This dog is a fantastic smaller breed with an extremely long life span. We believe there’s an ideal dog for every person So read on to discover if the Shorkie is the right pet for your family and you!

Shorkie Breed

Parent Breeds

Designer dogs are an entirely brand new name that has been created by the media although it may sound a little snooty however, it’s a method that has been in use for hundreds of years, if not more. Designer dogs are an animal that has two purebred parents and in this instance, the Shorkie’s parents are the Shih Tzu as well as Yorkshire Terriers. Yorkshire Terrier.

Designer dogs are not registered with Kennel Clubs like those of the American Kennel Club or the United Kennel Club, they are certified by the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC), and the majority of breeders who are reputable be able to have their Shorkie litters registered with top hybrid clubs like this.

A lot of new breeds of dogs inherit any mix of genes from one parent and you have to ensure that you are a fan of both the parents of your dog and would each fit into your life. This is why it is crucial to learn the basic facts about the parents of each.

Shih Tzu

The journey of the Shih Tzu began somewhere in Tibet or China While his roots aren’t completely clear, it is believed that he’s among the fourteen most ancient breeds of dogs in the world. The breed was initially bred to be a companion dog. The name, ‘the lion dog’comes from the Ming Dynasty during the 14 century. century China in which he was described in official documents as a dog of small size that closely resembled the lions.

In the year 2019, The Shih Tzu was ranked by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as the 20 20th most loved dog breed in America. It belongs to the Toy Group, and he is described as loving and playful which is where the Shorkie gets its sweetness from. Shih Tzus are a breed of dog that is Shih Tzu is often crossed with purebreds from other breeds such as Chihuahua, the Chihuahua Shi Tzu cross.

Yorkshire Terrier

The journey of the Yorkshire Terrier began with Northern England in the mid-19 the century. In the time that Scottish coal miners moved to Yorkshire they brought their Clydesdale Terriers along with them. And there they were crossbred with smaller Terriers that are thought to have been known as the Tan Toy, Skye and Waterside Terriers. The Clydesdale Terrier was initially used to catch rats in the mines and, despite being a tiny ‘handbag size dog, he’s very like a Terrier! They also are available in sizes for teacups and sizes.

In 2019 , the Yorkshire Terrier was recognized in the AKC as the 10 10th most loved dog breed in America. It is also part of the Toy Group, and he is described as charming, lively and sassy and that is the place where the Shorkie is able to get his playful side from. The Yorkie is frequently cross-bred with purebreds from other breeds to create mixes similar to those of the Chorkie or it’s cousin, the Maltese Yorkie Mix.

The Shorkie

The Shorkie is an extremely new breed so the majority of Shorkies are first generation puppies which are technically referred to as F1 pups. They have only one Yorkshire Terrier parent and one Shih Tzu parent. This is why the majority of Shorkies’ appearance and temperament vary between pups.

If you’re not enthusiastic about betting on the lottery of appearance and temperament then you need to find an breeder that breeds the Shorkie together, which results in third and second generation breeds of Shorkies. They are more uniform in their appearance and personalities. This guide will discuss the standard Shorkie however, as with any breed cross, you should expect some variances.


Like most small breeds like the Shorkie is a dog with an enormous personality that is encased within that tiny frame that he has. He’s full of energy and although it is a wonderful pet, he is also known for his tiny bursts of energy. So, make sure you have an area at home for zoomies to occur. In addition it is a sweet little dog who is extremely determined. His big personality can lead to huge doggy rages when he isn’t getting his own way!

He was bred to be an animal companion, and he takes his role very seriously. His parents, both of them are referred to as Velcro dogsand this dog is twice as affectionate. Some owners might consider this a cute trait, but others may find it too intense. Before you make a commitment to the Shorkie ensure you’re happy that he will stick to the glue you love.

This characteristic also causes problems that is its own, because the Shorkie is not one being left to himself for too long and therefore he has to be part of a family who won’t be away from 9am until 5pm each day. However, since he is small enough to fit in your bag, we don’t see any reason to be forced to take him away in the first place!

The loyalty of his owner implies that he’s always attentive to any danger that could be awaiting his master and you can expect to see a tiny watchdog that is very loud! If it’s a smaller guard dog you’re looking for, then the Shorkie is a great option, however if you don’t like loud dogs, then look at a different breed of dog. The barking of the dog is an indication of distrust towards other dogs, and he may be very distant with strangers. It might take a while for him to get used to strangers however once he has, it’s a sweetheart in real life!

Size & Appearance

Male Shorkie will range from 6 and 9 inches from shoulder to paw The female Shorkie will be 5-8 inches. Male Shorkie is expected to weigh anywhere from 5 and 11 kilograms, while the female Shorkie weighs between 4-8 pounds. This small dog can easily fit into your purse without problems!

He may appear like both of his parents and there aren’t specific rules for his appearance when he’s an infant puppy. In general, he has thin legs although they’re small, they have a proportionate amount of muscle on their bodies beneath all the fur. He is likely to have a more rounded face as compared to the Yorkshire Terrier, as well as a possibility that he will be born with his Brachycephalic facial features that is characteristic of Shih Tzu, which we will discuss in the section on health. The tail of his dog will be thin and curly when he is excited, and it could stand straight and curly over his back.

Coat & Colors

A Shorkie’s coat is long straight and smooth to the feel. Both of his parents’ hair could grow to the size of his paws. While certain owners might prefer this style, it does take a lot of time and effort, which is why the majority of owners prefer the teddy bear cut which is a natural cut that conforms to the shape of the body. If his hair is cut a bit shorter, it may appear wavy. If hair is left longer around his face, then the owners tie it into clips so that he is able to see!

The Shorkie is not any standard color as it could be any variant of any parent. This means that the Shorkie can be a mix of blue, black, gold and tan. It can also be a combination of brindle, red, white, and silver colors with any design.

The Yorkshire Terrier parent is hypoallergenic, however, this doesn’t suggest that the Shorkie is an allergy-free dog, it does mean that it is a less shed dog that is more for families with mild allergies, more so than a shedder with a lot of hair such as those of the Bernese Shepherd. However, in the event that you want a dog that is hypoallergenic, then you should choose a Purebred Yorkshire Terrier, or other hypoallergenic breeds.

Exercise & Living Conditions

The Shorkie is not a dog that requires an excessive amount of exercise, however he requires a little more than the typical pet breed. About 30 minutes of exercise per day in the outside world will suffice since he is likely to be prone to energy-outbursts throughout the day, as we mentioned earlier. These can also exhaust him. He may try to convince you that he doesn’t require any kind of exercise and would prefer to remain in the comfort of the lap of yours, however he still requires exercise regardless, which is why you have to be more determined than him in this regard.

Make sure you monitor his exercise routine because it is common for him to struggle to breathe normallybecause due to his Brachycephalic condition. If it’s a hot day, then exercise only in the morning or later in the evening after it has cooled and if it’s still hot, it is recommended to stop exercising until the weather becomes cooler.

The dog is able to adapt in the conditions in which he lives, and is suitable for big homes as well as apartments as well as any other place in between. To be honest He doesn’t need to be concerned, as long as there’s an inviting lap to lay on and food to munch on and he’s a content puppy. Be sure to verify for security in your house and yard, as the dog can get through the tiniest of spaces.

Due to his small size, due to his small size, he’s only suitable to families with children of a certain age,simply because these pups are extremely fragile and the possibility exists that a child could accidentally harm him. It is best to place him with children who know how to handle dogs that is this large.

The Shorkie can be a good companion for other pets as long as he is raised with the other pets when he is young pups. But, it is unlikely that he’ll be tolerant to the introduction of pets to the home of his family when he’s used to being the sole pet in the family. He is also not tolerant of noisy children, so while the Shorkie may be a good fit in a household with multiple pets, it isn’t the ideal candidate for the role and you may be thinking about a different dog breed if this is important to you.


Despite his intelligence, He isn’t always keen on taking part in training sessions such as agility classes or any other type of game. He’s an extremely stubborn dog,just like both of his parents. This determination can make him difficult to train. It can be quite frustrating, however, it’s something you should consider as the same way you cannot change the way the Leopard change their spots The Shorkie’s stubbornness is not likely to change anytime in the near future!

Clicker training can be a effective method of training dog breeds that are independent. Here are seven tips to train an unruly dog however, whatever you decide to do, make certain to use reward-based training. Keep your training sessions shorter so that the dog does not become bored. Also, give him small treats to keep him engaged. In the end, you need to remain persistentand do not give in to his stubbornness. The most you’d like to avoid is an over-indulgent Shorkie who won’t listen to you. The possession of Shih Tzu size toys can help to get the energy out.

It is equally important to make sure that the dog is introduced to the world as soon as is possible to ensure that he’s polite and also friendly to other canines. While his diminutive size may appear innocent and in no way prone to causing harm However, his “little dog” behavior can create problems for other dogs that don’t like the yappy’s barking. It’s also crucial to make sure that he doesn’t get too protective towards his owner because his intense attachment to him could result in aggression as well as early interaction and setting boundaries can reduce the tension. If you are planning to teach your dog using a leash and a harness, ensure you purchase the harness that is suitable for small dogs..


It is known that the Shorkie has been known to be suffering from the Patella Luxation that is when his kneecap gets dislocated, which can lead to lots of discomfort. His parents, both of them are believed to be suffering from the portosystemic shunt that is the place where the kidneys aren’t able to eliminate body waste. This can eventually lead to a fatal build of toxins within the body. It is also known that the Shorkie can also be suffering from various eye diseases including Glaucoma as well as Lens Luxation being the most frequent and troublesome as they are frequently interconnected.

Toy dogs also be afflicted by toy size-related health problems as well. Shorkie is not any different. Due to his small jaw and mouth it is possible that he will suffer from various dental issues,such as periodontal disease and teeth that are overcrowded. Hypoglycemia is another issue for dogs with smaller mouths because they are unable to store enough glucose which can turn out fatal if it is not taken care of correctly.

As previously mentioned the Shih Tzu mother is believed to be an Brachycephalic canine that, with its short muzzle and flat face frequently has difficulty to breathe, particularly when exercising and when it is hot. This is why the dog’s breathing must be monitored continuously, and if you observe any changes in his breathing, make certain to bring him back to a relaxed state and observe his breathing.

Despite the above medical conditions, he is believed to be between the ages of 11 and 16.


The Shorkie consumes approximately one cup food per every day. Because he is susceptible to Hypoglycemia as mentioned above it is recommended that he eat the recommended amount of food at different meals throughout the day to ensure the blood sugar levels are constant.

It is essential to provide him with premium food that will provide him with the nutrition required by him, but make sure that it’s specifically designed for toy dogs to ensure that he is able to put the biscuits in his mouth.


The Shorkie may have hair that is long as do his parents However, the majority of owners keep their hair cut and clipped. Due to his rapid growth hair, it will have to have his hair cut every 8 weeks or at least every 8 weeks. Brushing his hair 2 to three times per every weekwill ensure that the hair isn’t knotted or matted, and it helps keep him looking neat and healthy.

Since he’s prone to developing periodontal disease, his teeth need to be cleaned at least every week using a doggy toothpaste to ensure that the buildup of plaque isn’t an issue and to ensure that your breath stays as fresh as it can be.

Puppy Costs

A Shorkie can cost in the range of $500-$1,000. If you’re looking for an older Shorkie then it is probable to cost breeders higher for these breeds, as there is a bit more time and effort has been put into the process of breeding Shorkies to Shorkies. The higher cost is a bit more certain of the traits you can be expecting, but this is entirely dependent on your personal preference.

As Family Pets

  • The Shorkie is a tiny dog that makes a wonderful lap dog.
  • The dog may experience brief bursts of energy throughout the day.
  • He requires about 30 minutes of physical activity per every day.
  • He must be a part of an energetic family.
  • He’s a good fit for living in an apartment, but make certain that he isn’t able to escape from tiny spaces.
  • The Shorkie is best suited to older children who don’t accidentally drop or squeeze him.
  • He might be okay with other pets in the house as long as he is with them as an infant.
  • The Shorkie is extremely independent, and won’t become the most faithful or obeying of dog breeds.
  • His barking and over-protection must be corrected regularly.
  • This breed should not be permitted to take over the world.
  • He is suffering from several health issues which require to be constantly checked.

Finding A Shorkie Breeder

It is essential to choose breeders that are trustworthy and ethical. There are many breeders who are just looking to make an easy buck off of the trend of designer toy dogs and you must investigate them thoroughly and their qualificationsbefore purchasing puppies from them. Only breeders with a good reputation have dogs that are healthy, so make certain for look over his parents’ health certificates and their living conditions to ensure that you can be sure that your puppy is healthy and gets the best chance of a good start in life.

Rescue & Shelters

There are many dogs in need of an adoption and their new home. the process of rescuing a dog is an incredible thing to do! There are a lot of dog shelters in the area, so make sure to make sure to visit them frequently in order for you to meet your Shorkie love.

To improve your chances further concentrate on shelters that are specifically for breeds like The Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue Inc and the Shih Tzu Rescue Inc which also help rehome their breed mix.

Final Thoughts

Shorkie is a beautiful little guy. Shorkie is a beautiful young man who has lots of affection and love to show his master. If you’re willing to accept the traits from either of his parents, then you’ll definitely not be disappointed by the Shorkie. You can count on an affectionate, playful and affectionate dog, with a bit of doggy drama added to the mix. All you have to do is decide if the Shorkie is the perfect companion!

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