17 Siberian Husky Mixes

The Siberian Husky is often mixed with other breeds due to its distinctive look and personality. Some popular Siberian Husky mixes include the Husky Pomeranian mix (also known as a Pomsky), the Labrador Husky mix (also known as Labsky), and the Alaskan Malamute Siberian Husky mix.

Other mixes include the German Shepherd Siberian Husky mix and the Golden Retriever Siberian Husky mix. The resulting hybrid dogs typically combine traits of both parent breeds, resulting in unique mixes that can appeal to a wide range of pet lovers.

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

Siberian Husky has been captivating people for centuries with its stunning look and gorgeous coat. and devoted personalities . This enticing quality has been a draw for breeders with designer designs who over the past 20 years have begun mixing breeds to find the ideal dog. The Siberian Husky/Husky cross is now one of the most sought-after breeds of designer dog parents in America.

It is true that the Siberian Husky can be quite destructive when left to its own devices however, that isn’t stopping people from looking for various methods to introduce the breed to other people. The design of a dog could help to prevent health issues that are prevalent for purebred breeds.

This article we’re going to look at twenty of our most loved Siberian Husky crossbreeds that resulted from this method. While not all of the dogs on this list are suitable, each has their own distinct characteristics. Let’s start!

Siberian Husky Mixes

Siberian Husky Mixes

Siberian Huskies are among the most beloved breed of dog within the United States. A lot of potential owners are drawn to their stunning eyes and charming nature appealing. They’re a fantastic option for dog owners who wish to join the growing trend of designer dogs across the US and around the world.

If you are searching for an Husky mix, it’s essential to adopt prior to shopping. A lot of Husky crosses are up to adopt. Let’s take a look at 20 of the most popular Husky mix breeds you’ll find.


Breeds: Siberian Husky and Poodle

Poodles are popular as a well-known breed for mixing and, obviously, there’s the Siberian Husky Poodle mix! The breed is famous for its cute name and its adorable name, the Siberpoo. It’s not surprising that they’re lively and active, which makes them a favorite option for designers. They’re very connected to family members, and must be socialized in order they don’t get suspicious of other people.

A well-trained and well-adjusted Siberpoo is loving, sweet, and playful . The breed is likely to weigh between 45 and 60 pounds, and will have an elongated coat that could benefit one parent over the other. The breed requires regular grooming, and is very active. If you are considering adopting Siberpoos it is important to be considered.

Gerberian Shepsky

Breeds: Siberian Husky and German Shepherd

The beautiful breed can be described with a powerful look reminiscent of wolves, as well as an enthralling spirit. A Combination of the Husky combination of a Husky German Shepherd This hybrid is known by various names, such as Siberian Shepherd, Husky Shepherd and our personal favorite one, The Gerberian Shepsky. Their stunning appearance and muscular body will make them a favorite everywhere they travel.

Both breeds of parents are smart and extremely hard-working. The Gerberian Shepsky is a dog that thrives in a setting which offers lots of physical and mental stimulation. They naturally tend to be the dominant dog in the presence of other dogs and people. They must be kept from other dogs and be taught to be respectful of their owners. They should be commanded to respect their owners. Gerberian Shepsky can be a faithful and affectionate companion if this healthy relationship is created.


Breeds: Siberian Husky and Boxer

A Siberian Husky and a Boxer mix can result in an active, large puppy that can be an annoyance. Boxskys are often aggressive and prey-driven. Owners of Boxskys who haven’t been through any sort of training should steer clear of them. To be able to curb their stubbornness they require an experienced leader as well as constant training. Most boxer cross breeds You need to be able to control your hands when you are training.

The Boxsky typically weighs between 75 and 75lbs and is ideally than a home with a large yard. While they’re loving and sweet they are also very active. Boxsky is extremely active and needs plenty of room to run around. They are a great pet when they are part of a happy family who is ready to exercise, socialize and train them correctly.


Breeds – Siberian Husky & Australian Cattle Dog

The Ausky independently hybrid an interbreeding of Siberian Husky and Siberian Husky

as well as also Australian Cattle Dog

. If he is encouraged, the dog can be heard singing, howling, whining and even speak. It can be very entertaining however, it is crucial to be aware of the consequences of the behaviour. When it becomes routine and a habit, it may be hard to stop. This dog isn’t suitable for living in apartments because they’re not considered quiet and require lots of exercise.

The Ausky is a nimble dog that is active and strong. The Ausky breed needs a knowledgeable handler. Auskys can be described as medium-sized breeds that have double coats, which can be the same as either parent. Ausky owners need to consider their curiosity and endurance. They require stimuli to stay occupied.


Breeds: Husky and Pomeranian

You might remember how the Pomsky was taking the internet by storm in 2011, after an online BuzzFeed article showed images of Finnish Lapphund puppies, and mistakenly declared them to be Pomskies. Despite the false images however, the Pomsky became a cult dog breed, as well. Designer Dog breeders were delighted to be able to help. However, the reality is that Pomskys in reality aren’t as tiny as they seem to be. In the average, a matured Pomsky can weigh between 20 and 30 pounds..

This breed is fun and sociable, and loves being the center of the attention. Pomeranians are a strong breed. Pomskies require consistent and firm training . Pomeranians are known to bark, which can be difficult in apartment settings. They are a cute and lively breed that, just like the Corgsky is a great option for those looking for the Husky appearance but not the size.


Breeds: Husky and Mastiff

This Husky Mastiff/Husky mix is big and active. They’re a fantastic option for pet owners with enough space and time to take care of their dog. The Muskiff weighs anywhere from 60-110 pounds and as with many Mastiff breeds, they are gentle big dogs. They tend to be shy and reserved when it comes to strangers, however they are also protective of their families.

This mix is not recommended for beginners due to their strength, size and determination. The Muskiff will be content as the leader when they don’t have a owner who knows their boundaries and clearly defines boundaries. Muskiffs who are well-cared by their owners can be a great companion on adventures and are extremely loved by children.

Siberian Retriever

Breeds: Siberian Husky and Labrador Retriever

The Siberian Retriever

It is a cross between the Siberian Husky and Labrador Retriever. The hybrid may look like an Labrador Retriever or Husky and is usually large. Huskadors are a great choice for families. Huskador is a great pet for families that is renowned for their affectionate and friendly temperament, as well as their training and obedience. This makes them a great option for new owners as well as parents with kids.

It is believed that the Siberian Retriever thrives in a lively family. They may become nervous if not supervised or are bored, and can develop destructive and over-exaggerated barking habits. To keep their manners in check the breed requires consistent training. This breed is extremely proficient in all tasks for dogs such as search and rescue as well as military service.


Breeds: Husky and American Pitbull Terrier

This medium-to-large-sized pup is a beautiful mix between two powerful breeds: the Husky and the American Pitbull Terrier. While Pitskys are generally calm and friendly It is essential to make them feel comfortable to help them overcome their protective and aggressive tendencies. They weigh between 35-65 pounds and are imposing, muscular size that some might be intimidated by.

They require a calm and attentive pet owner who treats them like an integral part of the family and give them stimulation. While they aren’t always the most obedient and apprehensive, training is an essential element of any Pitsky owners . routine. It is a routine. Pitsky hybrid can be a wonderful pet for children, however it must be taught to be a good dog handler. A Pitsky is a wonderful companion to have in your home if you create the proper conditions.


Breeds: Siberian Husky and American Eskimo

The Huskimo is a breed that is friendly to families is a crossbred between the Siberian Husky

and American Eskimo

. This breed is gentle and playful and is a good option for families with children. They require regular exercise and may be a challenge for families who aren’t active. It isn’t easy to train them, and they require a leader who is flexible and willing to assist them overcome their stubbornness.

The medium-sized dog is lively and is always eager to play. They are trained and socialized correctly and are able for meeting new individuals. This is a great combination parents of children willing and curious. the Huskimo training. It requires prior experience in training and owning stubborn breeds.


Breeds: Siberian Husky and Rottweiler

A Rottsky, also known as a Huskweiler, is a distinct mix of the breeds of Husky as well as a Rottweiler. The breed is very reliable and is a fantastic watchdog and an affectionate pet. It is a great dog for families. Rottsky is a great pet for animals and children when it is properly socialized at a young age. The Rottsky is an incredibly fleecy Rottweiler. A lot of people have heterochromia, meaning their eyes have different shades. Rottskies typically are the blue-eyed snarky eyes that are characteristic of Husky Huskys.

A Rottsky can range quite vastly in terms of size and range from 50 to 100 pounds! Take this into consideration and be prepared to take on a puppy of this size. Rottskys are an excellent option for dogs who are active. They are also an excellent running companion and love to snuggle with you. There’s nothing you could want more!


Breeds – Siberian Husky & Pug

One of the cutest name (and breeds!) can be “the Hug.” On this listing is the cute Hugsky known as “the Hug.” It is an adorable combination of the breeds of Pug and the Husky that results in an animal with a distinct muzzle due to the swollen-faced Pug. The size of Hugsy Hugsy depends on the breed. A Pug is small , and the size of a Husky is large to medium. The breed is between 14 and 60 pounds, and it’s almost impossible to know at what point of the spectrum an individual Hugsky will be.

The Hugsky is a lively breed. If left to its own devices it may exhibit an impulsive or mischievous nature. Hugskys must be outdoors and exploring to prevent unwanted behaviour. Hugskys shouldn’t be over-exercised if their muzzles are short, similar to the muzzle of a Pug. This could cause health issues for breeds that have squished eyes. Hugskys are also Houdini-level escape artists, so additional measures should be taken to make sure the Hugsky is secure within your home. Hugskys are playful and playful when they are accompanied by the rules of their Pug parents. They are affectionate and loyal regardless of the breed they pick.


Breeds: Siberian Husky and Dachshund

The Dusky is a unique combination of the breeds of Siberian Husky and Dachshund. The unusually-paired hybrid is medium-sized and has either flat Husky ears or ears that are floppy Dachshund ears. The mix is also famous for having the shorter legs of the Dachshund. This makes them very interesting and adorable, even if they are not.

Dachshunds are tiny, however they aren’t big, but they can show aggression. This, along the Siberian Husky’s fear of strangers is why socialization is so important. You can develop to be a calm and pleasant Dusky through introducing them to various environments and people. Even with an equilibrist and calm Dusky we suggest to supervise your Dusky with regard to children and other animals.

Husky Inu

Breeds – Siberian Husky & Shiba Inu

The Husky Inu

is described as a mix of Husky (Husky) as well as an Inu Fox (Inu). This stunning mix of the two breeds of Husky and an Shiba Inu can be bound to attract attention. This breed is a gorgeous appearance, however they’re not suitable for every pet owner particularly those with little training. They can be stubborn and be a bit domineering. To ensure consistent and reliable guidance for Husky Inu Husky Inu needs a confident and dependable leader.

Since both the Shibu Inu and Husky are well-known for their independence It isn’t normal to anticipate a highly affectionate or a needy dog to be a part of Husky Inu HTML1. Husky Inu HTML1. But this doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be treated with respect because they could become angry when they are feeling too alone. It is a small and athletic dog that weighs between 18 and 30 pounds. They make great companions for those who love snow sledding and playing on the snow, and are able to thrive in colder climates.

Siberian Pyrenees

Breeds: Siberian Husky and Great Pyrenees

The magnificent Siberian Pyrenees is a strong working dog that can be a loving pet. They are intelligent and active and have thick coats that may be white or with husky markings. While they are warm and affectionate they are also very active and playful. Siberian Pyrenees are an active dog that requires stimulation and exercise to stay content.

Like other breeds on this list, may display determination and makes it difficult to get them taught and treated. A trusted dog’s leader can help break the stubbornness and ensure that your dog is a calm and well-mannered dog. We don’t suggest Siberian Pyrenees for people who have never dealt with the Siberian Pyrenee.


Breeds: Siberian Husky and Belgian Malinois

The Siberian Husky/Belgian-Malinois mix is often referred to as: The Belerian Malsky

, The Hukinois or The Belusky… The hybrid may be created to create a Siberian Husky and Belgian Malinois mix that is quick and durable. It’s possible that this mix was successful , and they’re great hunting dogs and also for working.

The Belusky is most likely to have a moderate-sized breed, with an athletic and small body and hair that is short. They are known for their intelligence and devotion. They are also excellent in training and are often used for guarding purposes. They are extremely energetic and require at least 2 to 1 hour of intense exercise each day. They are more suited to a house in which they are able to burn off some the energy they have.

Buskton Terrier

Breeds: Siberian Husky and Boston Terrier

A Buskton Terrier can be a ideal choice for new dog owners due to their intelligence and friendly nature. When paired with the combination of a Husky as well as an Boston Terrier, this pup is likely to have a size medium which weighs 20-40 pounds. They need moderate exercise and minimal grooming.

Although it is true that the Buskton Terrier is able to be a good companion for everyone in the family They tend to form close bonds with a single individual. They are extremely affectionate and enjoy snuggling. The breed is loved by a family who can provide them with the love and love they require. If left on their own the dog will get depressed and suffer from separation anxiety.


Breeds: Siberian Husky and Chow Chow

The Siberian Husky as well as the Chow Chow derive their names from hunting dogs who served various reasons for their owners, such as protecting and herding. Combining the two makes an enormous, intelligent, and hard-working Chusky. They are independent, but they’re loyal to their families. This lively breed must be active every day and is not suitable for living in apartments.

The socialization of the Chusky is a crucial stage in their training and helping them to lessen their obstinacy towards HTML1. They are prey animals and shouldn’t be left to themselves or let loose. They are often irritable and may not be patient when handled incorrectly. This is why they are not the best option for families with young children. Chow Chows and Siberian Huskies are a good choice for protection. The Chusky is a great guard dog. But responsible dog owners must educate their dogs on the distinction between intruders and visitors so that they don’t respond negatively to them.

Final Thoughts

Siberian Husky Siberian Husky can certainly produce many stunning and gorgeous mixes. This list is only a glimpse of the top a handful of Siberian Husky mixes, and we’re sure there are numerous more that we’ve not seen! Send us a message in the comment section below If you know of any Husky Mixes you’d like us to include!

Hybrids often combine the most desirable traits of the two breeds This is the case with many of the breeds that we have listed. Contact the local shelters if would like to learn more about these Husky hybrids. They could be the most wonderful pet you’ve ever had, and are waiting for the perfect forever home for them.

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