13 Smartest Dog Breeds

The top five smartest dog breeds, as generally recognized by canine psychology experts are:

1. Border Collie: Known as workaholics, these dogs are the top-performing breed in various dog sports. They’re incredibly intelligent and very trainable.

2. Poodle: Poodles are known not just for their looks, but also for their intelligence. They excel in obedience training.

3. German Shepherd: A versatile breed, German Shepherds are intelligent and capable working dogs. Their readiness to learn makes them ideal for many types of work including in the police and military.

4. Golden Retriever: Highly intelligent and friendly, Golden Retrievers are not only popular as family pets but are also great at working with humans in a variety of roles.

5. Doberman Pinscher: This breed is easy to train, eager to learn, and excels at problem-solving. They’re traditionally used as police dogs because of their intelligence.

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

Are you in search of one of the smartest dog breeds that will help you with your taxes? Perhaps he’ll whip up a delicious filet mignon meal including all of the fixings?

It’s an overstatement however, below we list the top 15 intelligent dogs on the planet that are fairly easy to train and are capable of numerous tricks.

A lot breeds are renowned for their sharp minds. However, there are some breeds that could be a surprise to you. There is one thing for certain -they’re trainable dogs that are eager to please their owners. However, could their brilliance lead them in trouble? Yes, it is possible particularly with certain breeds of canines. Let’s look at them more closely.

Smartest Dog Breeds

Measuring Canine Intelligence

While there isn’t a formal method to gauge the level of intelligence of dogs it is typically determined by the number of times it takes for dogs to grasp the command and follow it. Dogs who can grasp commands quickly and consistently perform so are smarter than dogs who don’t master how to use the command. Comparing their abilities with the dumbest dogs is not difficult, but it’s true that they’re more determined than the dumb.

In the realm of dogs’ intelligence the name Stanley Coren is the name that constantly is mentioned in conversations. In 1994 the year 1994, Prof. Coren released his work “The Intelligence of Dogs.” His research compares 131 breeds of dogs according to their intelligence, based on his research findings. A portion of the dog’s intelligence comes from its ability to work. However, other dogs have a higher level of intelligence due to their desire to please people in a family.

It is important to remember that each dog is different. Therefore, just because you have welcomed the Golden Retriever to your home doesn’t mean they’re going to be the smartest dog you have in the neighborhood. According to the work of Professor Coren 51% of dog intelligence is defined by breed. However, the rest of it is determined by environmental conditions this implies the both you as well as your efforts to train equalize the definition of a dog’s intelligence.

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15 Smartest Dog Breeds

Without further delay we’ll take a look at the top 15 clever dogs by ascending rank.

German Shepherd

It is the German Shepherd is one of the most well-known breeds of dogs, particularly for law enforcement. They are employed by military and police around all over the world, and it’s not just a matter of luck. The breed is amazing and will be willing to do anything for the owner. They are quick to pick up signals. They are also extremely loyal. they are willing to cross the firing line when they need to protect their master.

It’s not just their intelligence in the workplace that makes this dog a smart one. German Shepherds are the second most sought-after breed of dog in America and are equally popular as pets for families. Although all dogs differ, you may observe it that the German Shepherd is a one-person dog. They are likely to have a preferred human in the family, and this is typically their primary caregiver.

Border Collie

Border Collie Border Collie is ranked as the most intelligent breed of dog by experts in the field of canine in the field of work and herding skills. They’ve been utilized for centuries to keep herds of cattle and sheep in order and secure and secure, earning their title as the the best herding dog. Border Collies have been as keen to please their masters for as long they have work to complete. If you don’t stimulate their brains with a sharp one and they start to be a bit naughty, they will.

One of the best examples of Border Collies ability to learn is that of Chaser. The dog is known for its ability to learn the names of more than 1000 objects. If there’s a dog who can take on any task fast, then it’s the dog.


The next dog to follow closely behind closely behind Collie closely behind the Collie is closely behind is the Poodle. Don’t let their cute pompons make you believe they are cute. They’re extremely intelligent. They also make excellent water dogs and hunters due to their love for ducks and other aquatic animals.

While they may be somewhat aloof around strangers, they are wonderful family pets. Once they’ve learned that their master has welcomed an individual into the family and they are also accepted. Dogs thrive on activities, learning, and delighting their masters which makes them easy to train as pets for families.

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher Doberman Pinscher might be most well-known for their dog-safety duties. However, beneath their impressive appearance and larger than life ears is an smart brain. Dobermans have also become well-known in the field of law enforcement and this is due to their exceptional genes, their guardian their loyalty, nature, and the ability to recognize commands swiftly and repeatedly.

When you look at the Doberman You may find that they’re headstrong dogs that might try to control the family household. They are also intelligent but in untrained dogs’ hands, they could be too much for a person to manage. However, they are often gentle family pets that are lovers in secret in the privacy of their homes. It’s all you need is to learn how to guide their smart brains.

Shetland Sheepdog

Shelties are smart dogs who are excellent herders and were assigned the task of taking care of large numbers of animals with no supervision. They can be versatile and can also be employed for medical alert as well as therapy and service dogs. They excel in dog-related activities like agility and obedience, rally, and are always eager to learn new tricks.

Don’t let their tiny and soft appearance make you believe they aren’t. Shelties are energetic dogs who require a way to release all the energy. While they’re not as ferocious as the other breeds on this list They do find ways to keep themselves entertained even if you aren’t. They are extremely loving and enjoy spending time with their families which makes them great pets for families with active children.

Labrador Retriever

It might be a surprise to find out it’s the Labrador Retriever is not on the top of this list. What’s interesting is the fact that this Labrador Retriever has ranked as the top dog in America for the past three years. They are not only dogs that are friendly to families however, they’re also quite smart. This is the reason they’re highly successful therapy and assistance dogs..

Labradors are generally laid-back at home, in comparison to other livewires listed on this list. They also enjoy having a nap in the afternoon or two. They can be easily stimulated with praise, toys and food So ensure that you incorporate all of them when you are preparing your training program. Their affection for humans is what makes them relatively easy to train, and they shouldn’t try to rule over the family – which makes them perfect for first-time dog owners.


If you’re looking for many canine intelligences that fit into a small pack, the Papillon could become the pet you’ve been searching for. They are closely related to Spaniels which are sometimes referred to as”the Continental Toy Spaniel, which can help reveal their clever genetics. They are beautiful dogs with great looks and intellect and that is why they’ve been a long-time favourite of royal families.

The Papillon is not your typically lap dogs. They prefer to be outside playing and learning new tricks to show off before their families. They are a joy to make family members laugh and smile, which usually means that they can learn commands fast. The dog is very family-friendly with a spunky personality and is always smiling, making them an the perfect addition to any family.


This is the breed of dog that makes people think twice when they talk about the intelligence of dogs. Yes, beneath that Rottweiler’s muscular physique and irresistible smile, there is a smart dog. For many thousands many years Rottweilers as well as their predecessors were working dogs. This means that their bond to humans has been a tight one, and they’re eager to satisfy their masters.

Be aware, however, that they can be a bit stubborn and dog owners who are not experienced may find them difficult to train. They could make great protection dogs, similar to those of the German Shepherd. However, they’re not as adept at picking up the commands given to them, mostly because of their determination. However, they are still among the top 10 of the most intelligent breeds of dogs and that’s no small achievement.

Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle Dogs look after flocks of animals for hours on end with no supervision even in the most severe weather. They are Australian Cattle Dog is a fierce dog to be welcomed into your home and must be given many hours of exercise every day.

Australian Cattle Dogs are an independent breed that may see themselves as top dogs and require an knowledgeable dog owner. However they provide obedience and loyalty as well as an enjoyable companion to families with active lifestyles. They are the best for working and living in the countryside, however, they can be successful in cities if they are exercised and kept active. If they aren’t, their secretive Dingo is revealed.

Miniature Schnauzer

Mini Schnauzer mini Schnauzer is an obnoxious dog with a background in agriculture. They are the tiniest of the three sizes of Schnauzers, however many believe they are the most lovable. Their owners are kept on edge thanks to their lively and playful personality. With their big eyebrows and bushy beards They look smart too. If you’re looking for an intelligent apartment dog This could be your dog.

They are well-organized in their routines and would like to be, which is among numerous reasons that fans love them. As with many of the other animals on this list, they possess an indomitable streak that could result in training difficulties. However, it is possible to train them to become extremely obedient pets for family members when handled with care.

English Springer Spaniel

13 could be a lucky number for certain people, but not for 13 for the English Springer Spaniel. This intelligent dog is recognized for its ability to hunt and devoted attitude to its owner. They possess an excellent understanding of non-verbal commands like pointing and whistling to indicate direction when on hunting, which makes them smart cookies, for sure.

After a tiring day of hunting or exercise the Spaniels are awestruck to curl in a sofa with their beloved human. They’re friendly, flexible sweet, and a lot of fun. That’s the reason they’re loved by all families around the world. They can learn household training quickly, as well as other commands that other breeds aren’t able to. Therefore, whether it’s a springing hunter or couch snuggler you’re looking for, this dog is a perfect match for both.


The last but not least of them is the largely unnoticed Schipperke, who is also from Belgium. The nickname is “Belgium’s little captain,” they were designed to be used on barges and ships to capture rats and potential invaders. At just 13 inches tall the fluffy dog can be confused with the Pomeranian. However, they are much better in IQ tests.

What makes them more appropriate as pets for families is their obedient nature, speedy learning and their desire to be part of their human family. They are excellent watchdogs and possess a huge set of lungs that alert their families to guests. When they arrive, they may appear aloof, but quickly get comfortable by waving their tails and an array of exciting tricks.

Pembroke Corgi

The Corgi particularly Pembroke Corgi, specifically Pembroke Corgi, is admired for its working dog’s ability to think for themselves. They are employed all over the world across the globe for their herding skills and their ankle-nipping skills. Like many of the dogs that herd in this listing, they are able to accomplish this feat by themselves.

Corgis are able to work hard and have fun,meaning they are obedient and enjoy a lot of fun. This is the reason why many families welcome them into their home. They are always eager to discover new tricks and excel in obedience, agility, and other dog-related contests. They are adorable and smart. Corgis are the favorite by the Queen Elizabeth II for a myriad of reasons.

Final Thoughts

The majority of the breeds listed here are from backgrounds of work. They not only have smart genes however, they’ve also been working alongside humans for centuries and have an inherent desire to learn and be a good servant to their masters. Certain breeds have stubborn streaks and others don’t. Some dogs are massive and powerful and others are smaller adorable, fluffy, and cute. Therefore, regardless of the size or shape you want your dog to be there’s a smart dog for every person.

However, just because a dog breed is smart doesn’t necessarily mean they are the ideal pet for you and your life style. A dog with intelligence can be a nuisance to those who don’t know how to teach dogs. They could become bored to the point that they don’t listen to their owner at all and end up in a lot of problems.

If you’re new to the world of dog ownership. If that’s the situation, you may want to stick with intelligent and non-stubborn breeds like those of the Golden and Labrador Retriever. If you’re experienced and up for a test the world of intelligent dogs is yours. Remember that you only get back what you put into and every dog requires to be taught how to be Einstein. Einstein.

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