Teacup Yorkies: Miniature, Micro and Toy Yorkshire Terriers

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Last Updated on September 20, 2023

. There is much controversy around teacup dogs. However, there are many supporters of the different teacup breeds .. Because of their small stature and built, they are more susceptible to health problems. This can be very costly and sad. You can rest assured that your teacup pup will be healthy if you choose a trusted breeder that specializes in this breed.

The teacup Yorkie is also a hypoallergenic puppy , making him an excellent choice for allergy-prone families! The teacup Yorkie is a Yorkshire Terrier that has been reduced to a miniature size. As such, it is important to read our article on the Yorkshire Terrier breed.

There are additional teacup information that prospective owners need to know. This article will take a closer look at the small Yorkshire teacup.

Teacup Yorkies


Miniaturization is a long-standing fascination for humans. It has been often regarded as a somewhat magical idea HTML1. The Borrowers, for example, is a famous fantasy novel about a tiny family who lives alongside humans, and there are countless folklore stories across the world about fairies and other tiny mythical creatures. Humans decided to bring this tiny magic to a favorite animal, the domestic dog.

Veterinarians claim that the fascination of the teacup dog rose when Paris Hilton introduced us to Tinkerbell, her teacup Chihuahua, in the early 2000s. Since then, other breeds have been reduced to a smaller size, including the Yorkie.

It is unknown when the teacup Yorkie was first created, but he is one of the smallest alongside the teacup Chihuahua and the teacup Pomeranian. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the smallest dog known to man was believed to be a teacup Yorkie, who measured 2.8 inches tall, and 3. 75 inches long, and was no bigger than a human fist.

In 2019 the Yorkshire Terrier is ranked, by the American Kennel Club as the 10th most popular dog breed in America. The teacup Yorkie may be more rare, but the Yorkshire Terrier, a beloved family pet, is just as popular. It has a charming temperament and is very popular. Yorkshire Terriers, both normal and tiny, are adored by doggy lovers across the world, and with social media accounts such as ‘yorkie corner’ it is easy to see why they are so popular!

The term “teacup dog” is used to describe dogs who can fit into a teacup. No official kennel club recognizes the term ‘teacup,’ and as such there are no real regulations to their size, but unofficially they all weigh between 1 and 4 pounds. Many breeders will argue that these Yorkies aren’t actually Yorkies at all, but Yorkies that have been mixed with other extremely small breed parents.

They are tiny, adorable dogs that, while they are cute, have their own problems. There is a lot of controversy surrounding these guys, and as such, in addition to all the ‘awwws’ and excited squeals from passersby, you should also be prepared to receive a bit of criticism. Teacup breeders are often accused of being selfish and creating a puppy just to be cute, without considering his many health issues.

If you insist that you want a teacup yorkie in your home, the most important thing to find an ethical and reputable breeder who will make sure that your teacup puppies are healthy.


Just like most small canines, the teacup Yorkie has a huge and feisty personality, and there is never a dull moment with this lil’ pupper around. He’s funny, silly, silly, and clumsy. This guy doesn’t need much exercise after all the jumping and bounce around in his house.

He loves human attention and loves nothing more than being cuddled on his master’s lap. He doesn’t like being left alone and is small enough to fit in your handbag so you don’t have to worry about him.

Despite his small voicebox, his howls and whines can pack quite the punch . If you are worried about him being left alone, you might consider a smaller breed. However, if you can give him the companionship he needs, this is a very lovable trait.

Most people have seen The Wizard of Oz ,. Toto, Dorothy’s canine sidekick was a black Yorkshire Terrier. It is rumored that this guy was so much fun and provided the film crew with hours of entertainment, that the film producers paid him more than the munchkin actors! You can be sure that the teacup Yorkie will bring joy and love to your home.

Size & Appearance

While there are no breed standards for teacup dogs, the unofficial standard is 2 – 4 lbs in body weight. He will be between 4 – 5 inches tall , at the shoulder. The standard Yorkshire Terrier is part of the Toy Group, and so this little guy could be the toy dog’s toy!

His eyes look cute and button-like. They are always dark in color with a matching button nose. His ears are small and triangle-shaped. Owners tend to trim his hair into a bow around his face and eyes so that he can drink and eat without getting messy. His tail is medium in length and can curl to one side but not up his back.

Coat & Colors

Their coat is identical to that of the Yorkshire Terrier. They will either have their long, luxurious hair , and fall to the ground or wear the teddy bear cut that is shorter and more closely to his body. Although his hair is medium-density and straight, he will have a tufty coat and slight wavy if he has a shorter haircut. His hair may look long enough to keep him warm but his body is so small that he should have a few teacup sweaters to keep him warm in the winter.

His fur can be any color from black to silver to white, and the most recognizable is blue with tan all together. His head, legs, and body will generally be tan from the elbow down. His body will be blue. His hair will fall evenly from the base of the skull to the tail.

The teacup Yorkie is hypoallergenic, which is good news for dog allergy sufferers.

Exercise Requirements and Living Conditions

This guy is energetic and playful, which means he can get a little too tired in the house. This half-pint-sized dog will only need a short walk around the block to get a leg stretch . He can also do his business elsewhere. He will only need to take two or three five-minute walks each day.

While this guy can be adapted to all kinds of homes, his size makes it difficult for him to live in smaller homes or apartments. He will be fine in a larger house with a large yard, but it is easy to lose him. Additionally, it is advisable to never let this guy out of sight in your backyard, as birds of prey will take the opportunity to scoop him up, so never leave him unattended.

While many believe that the teacup Yorkie would be a great pet for children younger than 5, it’s actually quite the opposite. Teacup Yorkies are so small and fragile , that even an accidental fall or squeeze can prove fatal. Younger children often miss this. We do not recommend that he be placed with children. However, we advise that he only be with older children who can handle this delicate little creature.

Because they are small and timid, it is best to have them as the only pet or to be paired up with another small dog. Many teacup owners say that they prefer to be with humans than animals.


First, you need to realize that this guy is quite shy and easily scared ,. Therefore, all training should be done at his own pace. It is crucial to get him used to his surroundings and establish a trusting relationship before training begins. Training should begin once he feels more confident.

The teacup Yorkie is surprisingly intelligent, despite its beautiful appearance. They love to please their masters and enjoy a snack, which makes them a fast learner. Positive reinforcement training, with plenty of verbal praise, is key with this guy. Do not overwhelm him because of his timidity.

It is important to socialize him as a puppy to help build his confidence around other dogs. It is important to supervise him when he is with other dogs in order to prevent him from being trampled by bigger or more energetic playmates. We recommend that he play with smaller dogs because an accidental trample could prove fatal.


Unfortunately, the teacup Yorkie is predisposed to quite a few health problems, and it is very important to take all of this into consideration before welcoming him into your life. This section is by far the most important.

The standard Yorkshire Terrier is prone to suffering from Patellar Luxation, which is where the kneecap becomes dislocated, and it can be very painful for the pup when walking. He is also prone to a variety of eye conditions, particularly Progressive Retinal Atrophy which can eventually lead to total blindness, and so he is required to undergo an Ophthalmologist Evaluation. These conditions will also be present in the teacup Yorkie.

In addition to the standard Yorkshire Terrier health issues, the teacup Yorkie is prone to teacup-specific conditions.

Because of their small size,

They are more susceptible to injuries than other animals. Their small frame can make them very bouncy, so it is essential that they do not jump off sofas , or climb the stairs. Even though it may seem like a small fall for dogs, it can be quite a big one for teacups. Broken bones and serious injuries may occur from even the smallest falls. You must be vigilant. You can save your dog from having to jump by getting him ramps.

Small dogs are prone to periodontal diseases, and teacups especially so. They not only struggle to lose their baby teeth but also have difficulty fitting all of their adult teeth in. This causes a lot of dental problems. It is not uncommon for teacup Yorkies to either lose or have their teeth taken out, by the time they are 10 in order to avoid the issues altogether.

Finally, possibly the most problematic, yet prevalent health issue found amongst all teacup dogs, including the Yorkie, is hypoglycemia which is, put simply, low blood sugar levels. It can lead to severe seizures or even cardiac arrest and can be difficult to detect and monitor. Teacup dogs are more likely to have this problem than other breeds. They use up a lot of glucose and can’t store it. This is why they are often criticised for their genetic makeup.


The teacup Yorkie can eat 1/2 cup per day , but it’s important to give him at least four different meals per day to maintain his sugar levels. It is also important to buy kibble that is suited for teacup Yorkies because normal kibble would not fit in their tiny little mouths.

Teacup Yorkies are particularly known for their sensitive stomachs, so it is best to buy a high-quality kibble that is specifically for small dogs. Once your teacup Yorkie is home, it’s time to gradually change their food. Mix the old food with the new, but don’t force them to eat.


*Depending on the type of teacup Yorkies’ coat, grooming requirements will vary. He will need daily combing to remove any tangles. He will need to brush his hair only twice per week if he prefers the teddy style. This is usually less laborious.

Because he is likely to have dental problems, it is important that the teacups teeth be brushed every day . Additionally, because his nails are black and super tiny, many teacup owners say that they prefer to take him to a professional groomer to get them clipped.

Breeders & Puppy Costs

The average price of a teacup Yorkie is around $1,500, but it can reach anywhere up to $8,000.

As always, be safe and stick to reputable breeders. Teacup breeds are predisposed to many health problems. Untrustworthy puppy mills will make it worse. While saving $1,000 dollars or less might seem like a good idea, a sick teacup is much more expensive to treat than the average dog, so without exaggeration, you will be tens of thousands of dollars better off in the long run if you work with a reputable breeder.

It is crucial to find an ethical and reputable breeder who will take care of your pup’s health. You can search for teacup Yorkie breeders using any online search engine. Just make sure to review about them. If they seem to be a good breeder then you should go to meet them. Ask to meet their parents and to view their health certificates.

Rescues & Shelters

It is not common for teacup breeds of teacup dogs to end up in rescue homes. However, the best place to start is to contact the members of the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America, as they list several dedicated rescue centers for the Yorkshire Terrier breed, and these centers are where the teacup Yorkies are likely to be found.

As Family Pets

  • The teacup Yorkie has a fun and bouncy personality.
  • He is known to be a bit silly, so expect a lot of laughs with this guy around.
  • He will often tire himself out playing indoors, so he will not require much walking.
  • A simple leg stretch will do! He does not have to be accompanied by an active family.
  • The teacup Yorkie is an adorable pup, who will turn all the heads in the street.
  • Expect to be stopped a lot and asked about your pup!
  • Because he is so small, he requires an observant and careful owner that can look after him.
  • The teacup Yorkie is so delicate that he should only be placed with a family with much older children.
  • He would rather be the only pet in the household.
  • If he has other pets, pair him with another smaller pup who won’t detract from his attention.
  • The teacup Yorkie is hypoallergenic, so he is one of the better options for families with dog allergies.
  • Because of his health issues, he can be quite costly.
  • This needs to be taken into consideration before any family welcomes him into their home.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the teacup dog craze, despite all the controversy and health issues, is not going away. You must make sure that your teacup dog is bred by a reliable breeder if you decide that you need one. Although it won’t solve all your teacup problems, it will make sure that he is as healthy and happy as possible. It is important that you can spend the majority of your day with him. He is sensitive and susceptible to injury.

If this is something you can provide for him, then he would make a great companion dog. The teacup Yorkshire Terrier will keep you busy with his spunky personality. He is the perfect companion for lazy afternoons of tea and biscuits. But be careful not to mistake him for something to eat.

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