Vizsla vs. Rhodesian Ridgeback: Breed Similarities & Differences

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. The Vizsla and The Rhodesian Ridgeback both stunningly beautiful dogs each with lots of personality. But, their individual personalities are what set them apart.

The Vizsla is one of the first Velcro dogs, is always at the side of his master wherever it goes. The Rhodesian Ridgeback loves the company of his master, however it also enjoys his own companionship. He is often found relaxing under the table in the kitchen and in the backyard.

Although the Rhodesian Ridgeback is a dog that can be stubborn and more to be suited to more experienced dog owners The Vizsla is a lively and demanding dog and is best placed in an active family who can spend a lot of time with him.

Before you decide the dog you want to have by the size and appearance, it’s important to pay attention to their temperaments and needs for exercise. Let’s look at them each.

Vizsla vs. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Breed History

Knowing these breeds of dog is essential to understand their personality and the way they behave at home. A Vizsla was developed for totally different reasons So we’ll compare them.


Also called the Hungarian pointer, the Vizsla was initially bred by the Hungarian administration to become a nimble hunter and a loyal dog. The Vizsla was a hunter of small animals and also his prey-driven instinct remains until the present day. He is among the canines belonging to the Sporting Group.

In the absence from Hungary and the countries around He is more often seen in homes of family members and also as an aid dog. it was also a possibility to work in Ground Zero after the 2001 New York terrorist attacks, that’s why he’s often called the multi-faceted Vizsla.

The first Vizsla was introduced to America during the 50s, after the American State Department worker snuck the dog from communist Hungary and since, he has grown in popularity. In 2019, the Vizsla is listed in the top 31 1st most loved dog breed according to the American Kennel Club (AKC).

If you’ve never had the pleasure of meeting the Vizsla and you’re interested, make sure to visit Tucker’s Instagram account, be sure to follow his journey as he shows his stuff in New York. The Vizsla is a gorgeous red coat, and is often confused with it’s cousin, the Weimaraner as well as it’s the coat of red Labrador Retriever.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

It is the Rhodesian Ridgeback, a relatively new breed, comes originated from Rhodesia located in South Africa ,. It is part of the Hound Group. It is believed that the Khoikhoi is his ancestral dog, and was crossed to European as well as African dogs. It was found that the Rhodesian Ridgeback’s offspring have the ability to fight and keep fierce leopards and lions in check to guard their master.

These hunters set the groundwork of this Rhodesian Ridgeback breed that we cherish today. He was also a crucial part in the pack of family members. He would break off from the pack to hunt for animals such as antelope , and then return them to the cooking. He always has been an ardent worker.

The Ridgeback first arrived in America in 1911. quickly became famous with celebrities like Patrick Swayze, Grace Kelly, as well as Prince Rainier became Ridgeback owners and increased his popularity. In the year 2019, the AKC classified the dog breed among the 41 1st most loved canine breeds in America. Although he is located on ranches across the world, he’s most often seen searching for the perfect place to sit on the couch. He is also a well-known dog breeder, frequently being crossed with the Labrador.


While the Vizsla is quite like the Rhodesian Ridgeback However, a skilled eye can discern the distinctions. The Ridgeback is bigger and more powerful. The Vizsla weighs approximately between 21 to 24 inches shoulder to paw, while the Ridgeback is between 24 and 27 inches. It is estimated that the Vizsla is weighing between between 44 to 60 pounds while the female and male Ridgeback weighs between between 70 and 85 poundsrespectively however seldom do they weigh lower than that.

Another obvious distinction between the two varieties that make up Ridgeback is the distinctive Ridge which is the only one that Ridgeback is able to have on the back of his head ,. This is the reason he’s known as the Ridgeback. It’s a small length of hair which is found across its spine Ridgeback and is positioned in the opposite direction to the other coats of the dog. It is the Ridgeback as well as the Vizsla are both long-tail dogs, however, the Ridgeback’s tails are usually cut up to 1/3 their length.

They have a similar hue, but have different names. Their color is a rusty red that’s identical. Both the Ridgeback as well as the Vizsla have an opaque color coat however, the Ridgeback has a small white chest and toe markings. The Vizsla is an orange or red nose, whereas the Ridgeback is more dark in appearance, like black or black mask for the face.

For more information on their appearance, you can read the Vizsla’s complete breed standards here, as well as their Rhodesian Ridgeback’s complete breed standards here.


It is evident that the temperaments of Rhodesian Ridgeback as well as the Vizsla are quite different. The Vizsla is usually described as an Velcro dog , and is never far from his owner . The Ridgeback tends to be much more independent and, while the Ridgeback is loyal and extremely committed, he’s not attached.

If you’re trying to choose between the two breeds, consider if you would prefer an animal who will always be there for you , or one that will visit you only when he’s feeling like it. Both breeds have cute canine characteristics however, they appeal at different households.

Both have similar prey drive so be sure to keep them on leashes when they are in public. Be prepared in case your pet decides to leap from under the vehicle at any time. It is important to ensure that they’re led by a dependable master or spend time leash training for kittens.

They’re both extremely affectionate to one another and their families, however they are both very protective of their families, but the Ridgeback is unfriendly to strangers. He is known to take a quiet spot in the corner to supervise his family members when guests are present.

The Vizsla will be in the middle this means he’ll ensure that his master is always in their attention. This ensures that they’re more social.. If you’re in search of an animal that can guard your home then the Ridgeback is the best option, while it’s the Vizsla is the ideal choice for those who want to have a canine that is social.


It is believed that the Vizsla needs more physical exercise than Rhodesian Ridgeback which is an lion-busting dog. The Vizsla needs at minimum 60 minutes of vigorous daily exercise while the Rhodesian Ridgeback is only required between 30 to 60 minutes of light exercise each day..

While the Ridgeback takes a stroll through a dog park at least every week however, the Vizsla must do much more. The Vizsla has to run for about an hour in order to burn off all of his energy. The Vizsla is going to require more motivational stimulationthroughout the day.

Both breeds are destructive when they are bored and insecure However, the Vizsla is much quicker to get there. Ridgebacks are happy to go outside to relax, but keep an eye on the predatory Lions. If you’re not looking for an animal that is extremely active and active, the Ridgeback could be the better option.


Both the Vizsla Ridgeback as well as the Rhodesian Ridgeback can be trained and are intelligent, obedient dogs. They are both obedient and loyal. Vizsla is more likely be a good servant, and is thus the easiest to teach of both breeds. The Vizsla will do anything to please his master, with plenty of praise and treats. If he is trained consistently, you’ll perform tricks within a matter of minutes.

Ridgebacks Ridgeback has more independence and can do whatever he likes. It is possible to train him using an established, consistent schedule. However, Rhodesian Ridgebacks work in Ridgeback time so expect a stubborn dog. If you’re a novice dog owner then the Vizsla could be the better option.

Both of them with their prey-seeking instincts, must be socialized at a young age, or else they’ll consider every meal they can think of. It is recommended to enroll them in puppy classes or visit the dog park in your area. It is also important to ensure that they are able to get along with individuals outside of their family. In the event that they don’t, they could become over cautious.


The Vizsla as well as the Ridgeback are mandated by their breed clubs to undergo tests for hip Dysplasia which is an abnormal growth in the joint which results in joint pain and arthritis later in life. The Ridgeback should also be examined to detect Elbow Dysplasia , which is exactly the same thing, but is found within the elbow joint.

The Vizsla must also be tested for specific eye diseases and conditions, with Progressive Retinal Atrophy and Entropion being the most frequent issues, along with autoimmune Thyroiditis that is an imbalance in hormones that could cause symptoms like unproved weight gain, fatigue hair loss, and mental dullness.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is also susceptible to congenital dermoid Sinus. It is characterized by the presence of tubular indentations under the skin, which expose him to infections that extend all up to the spinal cord.

Overall, both Vizslas as well as Rhodesian Ridgebacks are generally healthy dogs and the Vizslas having a higher lifespan than the Ridgeback.


Both the Vizslas as well as the Rhodesian Ridgebacks take in three cups of water per day,. But, this can differ based the size of their breed, level and their lifestyle. It is important to ensure that they are fed a high-quality food to ensure they are well-nourished all day long.

It is believed that the Vizsla is more active and requires an kibble with more calories. However, if in doubt, ask your Veterinarian.

Both are susceptible to weight gain, so ensure that they eat two meals per day. Don’t feed your pets after exercise or too quickly. Although it may not seem like an issue that is serious but it could be life-threatening, so make certain to be aware of the bloat and its symptoms.


The grooming requirements for the Vizsla and those of the Rhodesian Ridgeback are identical. They both require a brush every week in order maintain their hair healthy and shiny. They shed during the season of shedding. To help their coats be easier to manage, you should clean their coats two times every week. They’ll appreciate having a bath every 6-8 weeks. But, both are fairly healthy and don’t suffer from strong smells of dogs.

When you brush your Rhodesian Make sure to be aware of any lumps that could be caused by the Dermoid Sinus,. Apart from that the general grooming requirements like ears and teeth, must be handled in the same manner like other dogs.


The cost of the average Vizsla as well as the cost of a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy starts at 1200 dollars and can go between $2,000 and $3,000 for a puppy that comes from an elite lineage. Avoid puppy mills and breeders on backstreets. They do not have the responsibility to ensure your pet’s safety or well-being. Only work with breeders who are reputable.

It is also possible to adopt any of the dogs. They are usually located in shelters for rescue all over the nation. The Vizsla Website of the Club of America provides the contact information for their local rescue organization includes provides the Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue Also, they list their rescue centers, state-by-state Also, be certain to go through both of these websites out.

Final Thoughts

The Vizsla Ridgeback as well as The Rhodesian Ridgeback are soft and loving to their family members. They enjoy snuggling on the sofa at night. The Ridgeback can’t help but play all day long and the Vizsla prefers to be attached to you throughout the day long.

The Vizsla is the best option for the first time dog owner. But, be prepared for his ferocious temperament if he comes to visit. The Ridgeback due to his obstinacy and dominance is the best dog to a dog that has been in the care of a professional. But, he’s less demanding when it comes to exercise and companionship.

Whatever breed you like You can be sure you’ll find that either the Vizsla as well as the Rhodesian Ridgeback will show you lots of affection regardless of whether it’s an entirely different manner.

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