17 Weimaraner Mixes

A Weimaraner mix is a cross between a Weimaraner and another breed of dog. The outcome or characteristics of such a mix can greatly vary depending on the other breed involved.

If the other breed has a dominating trait, the mix could have a physical or personality trait that’s more common in that particular breed. As each mix is a unique individual, it can be difficult to predict the precise characteristics of a Weimaraner mix.

In general, the Weimaraner is known for its hunting skills, high energy levels, intelligence, strong bonding with the family, and a playful nature. However, the specifics such as size, color, temperament, and health issues would heavily depend on the specific breeds mixed with the Weimaraner.

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

Are you looking for an Weimaraner that isn’t the expense of purebred dogs? A Weimaraner mix is less expensive to budget and is often healthier genetically than purebred dogs. The Weimaraner is an German dog that has a long history of retrieving and hunting. They are known for being attractive in appearance, with sleek, sleek coats of grey or blue. They have earned the name “The Grey Ghost”. Because of their attractiveness and usefulness is no wonder that pet owners have tried to mix with other breeds to find out if they can achieve the most desirable of both together in one pet.

This could be because Weimaraners are on their own difficult to keep. They’re energetic, headstrong and extremely bright. They can lead them to believe that they are the dominant dog in the household. The breeding of with other dogs could help to reduce their personalities and make the process easier for pet owners to be unhappy with their Weimaraners on them. However, mix with the Grey Ghost with other breeds can result in some fascinating and delightful hybrids.

Below is a complete listing of twenty of the well-known Weimaraner mixes. Weimaraner breeds are generally excellent working dogs that are useful in their use. If they are trained properly they can also be wonderful household pets. Continue reading to learn more about these truly amazing and distinctive Grey Ghost mixes.

Weimaraner Mixes


Breeds: Weimaraner and American Pitbull Terrier

Your Pittmaraner is an extremely distinctive Weimaraner mix. As with the majority of Pittie mixes they’re an unstoppable force of energy, which can be difficult to manage and are a bit scary to see! If you are able to control them, the benefits of being able to achieve this are amazing! They require lots of commitment of their owner, however they repay it with a smile and are fiercely affectionate and cuddly!

They may not get along well with strangers or other pets initially However, educating and socializing them at an early age is an excellent method to help them feel more comfortable and more obedient. This is particularly true when walking with them since inexperienced Pittmaraners might choose to go away instead of staying with their owners.

Your Pittmaraner will not be happy in a house that isn’t big enough and therefore they must have plenty of space to roam particularly outside. It is essential to put up a secure your backyard because your pet will be inclined to run away. They will require plenty of exercise in order to let their energy go and it’s your responsibility to ensure the exercise.

Consider brisk walks of about 60 minutes per day, or perhaps a bit more. Spend time with them during your spare moments to ensure they are happy and engaged. It is also a good idea to take them on trips in the outdoors, as they love taking a hike and taking an exercise.


Breeds:Weimaraner and German Shorthaired Pointer

A Pointeraner can be described as a dependable and vigilant dog that is perfect for watching over your home. They’re also extremely athletic dogs that make great retriever and hunters. You’ll find the Pointeraner to be an extremely intelligent dog that will not have any problems keeping up with you throughout your daily routine.

They need training to teach them good behavior Training them when they’re young is much easier than later in life So begin early! A well-behaved Pointeraners is cheerful and alert, very keen to please their owners.

Maintaining the Pointeraner active is essential to their overall health. They have a lot of demands for exercise, which need to be attended to every day. Because they are prone to becoming naughty and destructive when they are exhausted, some trainers suggest a minimum of two hours of exercise each day for Pointer.

Despite the need to exercising however, your Pointeraner may also require an area of their own within your home, since they are often content in the comfort of their home. A large, fenced-in yard is perfect for days when they’re keen to get out and play.


Breeds: Weimaraner and Chow Chow

Both parents of the Chowmaraner are breeders for dogs of the hunt. They are very energetic and confident and sometimes, a little too much so. Therefore, these breeds require to be taught by a responsible owner who has an empathetic hand to instill a sense that is one of reverence as well as control within the Chowmaraner.

Their inherent protection lends themselves well to the duties of a guard dog, however their aversion to recklessness can make life with children who are very young a difficult task. However, it’s not impossible it’s a matter of enough interaction from an early age. No matter how big their families, Chowmaraners are loyal and loyal to their owners which makes them a great pet.

You’ll notice the Chowmaraner is keen to go outdoors and play, however it’s mostly because of their Weimaraner background. The Chow in them is usually an affable animal So you can anticipate this to manifest when your Chowmaraner gets slightly older.

They need to exercise regularly at moderate speeds. Being in a city can be challenging however so long as they’re regularly out for walks and play each day it’s not difficult to let them enjoy the city lifestyle.


Breeds: Weimaraner and Great Pyrenees

The Weipyrenees is an exceptional Great Pyrenees hybrid dog that is gentler in comparison to the Weimaraner parent. They have a kind nature to them which makes them a great option for families. They aren’t a fan of being isolated for prolonged durations of time and prefer to be with you all day long. It is important to not allow them to develop anxious about separation because this could be extremely harmful for them.

The dog is very affectionate and protective of the ones they cherish. It is important to manage this behavior by training it at an early age in their lives. If you wait too long, it could result in their stubbornness to surface and you should not cut corners on this. They are extremely caring for children and pets in the house, and could be an ideal option for herding when you have animals.

They can be energetic, and they will require you to satisfy their desire to play. Making time to take them on walks is vital to their daily lives. They are also an ideal fit for the dog park, seeing that they are extremely friendly and social canines.

Take them on a walk for about an hour each day, and then spend more time playing frisbee or fetch. They also love hiking and walks, making it a excellent option for bonding activity that keeps boredness at the bay.


Breeds: Weimaraner and Dalmatian

Like the majority of Dalmatian hybrids The Dalmaraner develops to be quite big. They are beautiful dogs with their mother’s and dad’s gorgeous attractive appearance. They’re also very smart and capable of being well-behaved when they are at a young age. Your Dalmaraner is a faithful dog that is always loyal to your family, you and home. This means they are cautious of strangers and are excellent guard dogs.

The Dalmaraner you adopt will have an energy level that is high and will require a lot of activity to keep up with. They aren’t very comfortable in apartments, which is why it is best to choose a Dalmaraner when you live in a large house with a beautiful backyard that is fenced. They’re full of stored energy that they need to expel and so make sure to exhaust them with walks and playing. It will keep them entertained and free from boredom.


Breeds: Weimaraner and Poodle

The Weimardoodle is a lovable dog breed that tends to take on their Poodle parents’ soft, curly coat. This makes them an excellent option for people suffering from allergies who want to get an animal, but cannot endure the typical shed. Your Weimardoodle is an adorable and loving pet that will always want to be close to you.

They love being lavished with affection and love, and they are eager to show their appreciation! Weimardoodles are extremely smart because both of their parents are intelligent dogs. This makes them easy to train due to their desire to please nature.

As with the majority of Doodle dogs Weimardoodles are awe-inspiring playing, and can be quite relaxed provided their requirements are met. They require a certain amount of exercise and playing and you must try to meet their needs. If you are satisfied with your Weimardoodle is happy to be at your home. This is why they are one of the rare hybrids listed here that can be used in apartments.


Breeds: Weimaraner and Boxer

It is Boweimar is an Boxer crossbreed which gets some of its sassy character from the Boxer parent (pun may be intended)! They are very social pets who are devoted to their family and are kind to children and other smaller animals. The hybrid can be easily agitated and must be controlled by the help of a adequate training at an early stage in their lives.

Boweimars are not happy when they’re alone, and owners must take care to ensure they don’t have to be left by alone for a long period of time. They love giving and receiving love, so make sure to show them plenty of it!

The Boweimar is an ideal choice for an active family as they’re full of energy and require a way to use the energy. Going for family outings is a fantastic method to keep them entertained. On a regular basis it’s a good idea to take them on walks and then treat them to an ample amount of play to keep them happy and engaged. They’re not difficult to please in any way and will enjoy themselves regardless of the task.

Great Weimar

Breeds: Weimaraner and Great Dane

Like the majority of Dane crossbreeds The Great Weimar is going to be a huge dog. The size of their breed may be huge however they’re as slim and elegant as they can get. They are ideally suited to sports, heightened by their strength and their agility. The Great Weimar is an affectionate and joyful dog, whose love can cause them to be awkward with those they cherish, often tumbling them over! Your dog is not a fan of being left alone and could be prone to separation anxiety.

You’ll need be sure to provide your Great Weimar plenty of exercise. It is recommended to do this by taking them on walks or hiking and playing with toys together. They are not able to thrive in small homes, so prior to bringing in one as an addition to your family, ensure that you have a large house with a secure yard in which they can play, run, and play.


Breeds: Weimaraner and Boston Terrier

The small size of the Boston Terrier is able to temper the bigger Weimaraner’s size, so you can anticipate to see your Bosmaraner to have the characteristics of a medium-sized dog. They are, more often than not, extremely intelligent animals however, this can cause them to become too confident.

They are often determined and will frequently fight for their way. It is possible to train to eliminate this behavior when you begin with them early, so it is done with patience and a steady hand. Bosmaraners are extremely friendly and loving dogs, even though they might require a lot of interaction if they’re likely to live with other dogs.

The small dimensions of the dog could result in them staying inside. This is why they are a rare Weimaraner mix that is well-suited to living in an apartment. Their needs for exercise outdoors however, are an entirely different matter. They need to be provided with plenty of exercise and time to play in order to release the energy that is usually in a slumber.

Note how much energy your dog’s Bosmaraner is likely to possess, and then adjust their the duration of exercise accordingly. Dogs with less energy can get through with just 30 minutes of exercise each day, while more energetic dogs may require as long as 120 mins.


Breeds: Weimaraner and Shar Pei

With their tendency to be security dogs, the Weim-Pei can be not a wimp! No matter what, this dog is a bright and loving dog however, they tend to be less trustworthy. Although they are protective of the entire family, the Weim-Pei usually selects one person they share a love as the one they cherish the most within the family.

Alert and attentive Your Weim-Pei will be sure to alert you when something is suspicious happening. Due to their stubborn and headstrong nature, you’ll need to train them extra effectively to stop undesirable behaviour. It is possible to consider taking classes in obedience to help make this process simpler.

Your Weim-Pei dog will require moderate levels of exercise. It is recommended to keep them on a shorter leash and keep them away of the pet park when they’re not well-socialized and trained. While they may enjoy playing with you but they also love to have a secure area in which they can exercise at their own pace.

It’s not recommended to leave them out for long periods of time, however it is possible that they will cause injury to small animals due to their prey-driven nature.


Breeds: Weimaraner and Vizsla

Vizmaraners are lively and energetic dogs who enjoy playing. They are a great option for a pet that is a family member since they are tolerant of small animals and children. They appear to have an issue with strangers when they feel that their pet’s owner is cautious.

The dog is easily attracted to its owner and can be distressed when left unattended all day. Vizmaraners are breeds that are very easy to train and love to go out with you for your adventures in the outdoors. They are great dogs for people who love running and hiking, hunting and swimming.

Your Vizmaraner is likely to be an extremely energetic animal. They’ll always be a bit of a kid and will never tire and you must be able to meet the challenge of keeping up with their pace. Walking for 60 minutes per day or more are ideal for your VIzmaraner and playing in the dog park to play with the ball- ensure they’re trained!

They thrive in houses with large yards however, so long as you fulfill the requirements for exercise every day they will do equally well in a small space.


Breeds: Weimaraner and Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Weimapeakes are very active dogs that can cause them to be an issue for the unexperienced pet owner. They are very easy to get bored and have a fervent need to explore the world that surrounds them. Therefore, ensure that your fence is secured prior to taking on one of them to avoid them finding ways to get themselves out!

Their agitation is due to their intelligence, and if you manage to train them properly and you’ll have an improved dog. However, their love as well as loyalty makes them lovable pets. Engage them in socializing early in life and they will get rid of the fear they normally encounter with strangers later on in their lives.

Weimapeakes are extremely athletic dogs that require plenty of exercise in order to keep them happy. They require outdoor time to exercise and keep them mentally. You will be required to keep an of them. Their beautiful figures excel in agility-training courses If you find one suitable to them, this will be a fantastic opportunity to use their energy. Engaging in a lot of games with them is a great way to relieve their boredom.


Breeds: Weimaraner and Labrador Retriever

The Labmaraner is perhaps the most friendly Weimaraner mix listed on this list. They are natural family pets that are always in need of human contact. If you’re a single person and leave the house often then it’s probably not a wise idea to bring any of them with you. They can easily get anxious about being separated and can be extremely lonely while you’re away.

As with the majority of Lab hybrids These adorable dogs are the perfect example of affection and love. They can be prone to chase smaller animals, and you’ll likely have to teach them to be more obedient before they do this. Begin training your pet from an early age to encourage the habit of obedience. You’ll see that they are simple to train due to their intelligence and co-operative nature.

Labmaraners love to play and exercise frequently. They are very active dogs who enjoy long walks, hikes and, of course, swimming. Because they are extremely exuberant and active pets, they should be located in a large house with a yard that is fenced.

They require regular mental and physical stimulation otherwise they get bored and are prone to digging in the backyard and ruining your possessions. They are able to thrive in all temperatures, but they should not be left unattended for too long in cold or hot temperatures.


Breeds: Weimaraner and Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Ridgemaraner is typically an exquisite, beautiful and elegant Weimaraner mix. They are typically very active and requires a dog owner who can keep up with their demands. Ridgemaraners can have a higher level of exigency than the other breeds on this list, because they’re more independent and won’t hesitate to challenge the authority of your pet.

They could assume the role of Alpha when you’re not a firm handler and therefore, the training of obedience in them is essential from a young age. If they are trained correctly they will develop into excellent and loyal dogs. Their natural protection instincts make them a ideal guard dog.

The Ridgemaraner requires a lot of exercise every day. Owners must take care to meet their needs by taking them on regular walks. Add running on the jogging track or walking through wooded terrain if you are both able to manage it.

Games are of paramount importance because this smug breed is prone to becoming bored easily! Make sure they are entertained, and you don’t need to worry about them ruining your belongings or tearing the roses you have cherished.


Breeds: Weimaraner and Beagle

Beagiraner is a unique breed of dog. Beagiraner is a distinct Weimaraner mix that blends the Weimaraner with the Beagle. The Beagiraner is more often than not be a very loving and sweet dog. They just romp around with a lot of energy and enthusiasm which makes them a great companion for children who want to play with them.

But, you might discover that adult Beagiraners may not be as friendly to different pets. If you have or are planning to keep more pets within your home, it’s a great idea to get your Beagiraner at an early age. They’re very easily trained and can be quick to finish the tasks you assign them due to their excellent working habits and their intelligence.

Like the majority of Beagle crossbreeds There’s a high possibility that your Beagiraner will be full of energy that they don’t want to use. It is best to accommodate them by allowing them to exercise regularly and enjoy time with friends. Be aware of the amount of effort they are able to endure before they get tired. It is always a good idea to be more gentle with your Beagiraner because the Beagle part of them can be often distracted and can be distracted from the task to chase after tiny prey.


Breeds: Weimaraner and Golden Retriever

The Goldmaraner is an Golden Retriever mixed-breed dog that blends the Weimaraner as well as the Golden Retriever. The mix has a great mix of personalities and temperament, with the Golden Retriever’s enthusiasm for life contrasting with the Weimaraner’s more cautious nature. However, they will require more attention when they are around children, as opposed to normal Golden Retrievers.

They may not be as patient and patience, which is why it’s a good idea to socialize and train them at an early age, in order to make sure they are comfortable with having children around. It can also be helpful in reducing their prey desire that could lead them to chase smaller animals around- not ideal for homes with multiple pets! The proper training of these dogs is essential to get the most out of their loyalty.

Your Goldmaraner will be extremely active, which means you’ll need to come up with methods to keep them entertained. Bring it along when you go on outdoor adventures They love swimming and hiking and be the ideal companions for these activities. In addition to more vigorous exercises, it is recommended to go for regular walks for about an hour each day. In an enclosed yard is great to keep destructive behavior in check.


Breeds: Weimaraner and Rottweiler

The Weimarrott will be a massive size when you’re all grown up. The big dog is strong and extremely strong and can be difficult for certain. It is possible to use this advantage to your advantage and teach them to be guard dogs. But, you’ll discover they possess a deep and profound intellect that, if trained properly will be a great asset perfectly to working.

They are excellent therapy dogs as well as loving companion pets, despite their size. They are incredibly affectionate towards children, which makes them ideal for family life. But, they’ll need interaction if they’re to be kept with other animals as they don’t like them.

As with the other Rottie mixes Like other breeds, the Weimarrott requires moderate to high amounts of exercise. It is best to do this by taking them on many walks throughout the day- an ideal option for pet owners who don’t have time to take a long walk. Due to the size of their bodies, they require plenty of room to run around and therefore, they’ll be best in homes with yards that are fenced in.

Your intelligent dog will require plenty of mental stimulation in order to avoid boredom, so put your time and money in playing games together with toys. The pups could come in various coat colors, such as black, which comes from the Rottweiler parent.

Final Thoughts

Weimaraner breeds are generally hard employees and can be a welcomed addition to your family having the appropriate temperament. They are certain to be noticed as you stroll them through the streets. We believe that you’ll fall in love with the Weimaraner within a matter of minutes and be confident that you own an animal that is completely distinctive in every sense of the word. This gorgeous dog is suitable to be your most beloved pet!

With all the facts you require regarding Weimaraner mixes We hope that you’ll be in a position to make a choice about whether you want to take one of these stunning hybrids to your home. Mix breeds are unique due to their uniquenessand uniqueness. You’ll never find other breed like them, no matter the place you go. The Weimaraner breed will surely bring you lots of love and joy.

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