28 White Dog Breeds

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

Are you looking for the ideal White dog to add your pet’s name into the family? There are a variety of white dogs available and it’s difficult to determine what breed is the best one for you. The selection of breeds is something each dog owner should take into consideration when choosing a puppy. Genetics is a factor in the decision to give dogs an attractive white coat as all breeds have been professionally developed with specific characteristics in the mind.

It’s not as simple to select puppies with white coats. It could be a preference for your next pet however there are numerous types of breeds, dog sizes, and coat styles to think about when choosing your next dog.

We’ve attempted to make your life simpler by providing a complete listing of 31 top picks that blend with the snow each winter. Let’s look at each white dog below, and see what to expect should you decide to bring one home soon.

White Dog Breeds

Big White Dog Breeds

This section we’ll cover the more popular white breeds of dogs. We’ve separated each breed by size and length of coat. There are 19 large breeds of dogs that give puppies who have white coats. Some are fluffy coats, while some of them have long coats , and some of them have shorter coats.

One thing is certain, a larger dog will shed more. If you plan to adopt a large white dog, ensure you prepare in advance and have the proper equipment to help your dog shed and keep the amount of shed to the minimum. It is recommended to shed every week at least. This is particularly important when you have white dogs with hair that is long or has frizzy hair.

Larger dogs with short hair will require grooming less often. It is possible to shed-free dogs in this class every month twice. If you decide that one of these dogs is right for you, you’ll be talking about your pet every when you go to your dog’s park.

Large & Fluffy

They are what we would describe as “large and fluffy” white coated dogs. They have hair that is longer than dogs with shorter hair, however they’re “fluffier” in nature. This list isn’t intended to be comprehensive however it’s a great illustration of the most popular white-coated dogs in each category.

The majority of these bigger and fluffy dogs can reach around 50 pounds when they’re fully mature, so be sure that you have enough space within your yard and home. In addition to regularly deshedding it is important to wash your dog regularly and have an lint roller in your home. A fluffy and white dog isn’t a good match for dark shades of clothing. Let’s get in the water and gaze at these adorable fur balls.


Kuvasz is a breed of dog. Kuvasz is a bigger breed designed specifically to guard flocks. The larger dog comes from Hungary and has shaggier white coats. The dog belongs to the Molosser family. It is part of the same family as English Mastiffs as well as others large breeds.

The dog can grow big, and males are usually more than 100 pounds. This isn’t a good pet for a new owner because they are difficult to train. The grooming requirements are very high and you should be ready to for them to be groomed on a regular routine.


Samoyed is a breed of dog. Samoyed originates from Northwestern Siberia and was originally breed for hunting, to haul sleds, and to herd livestock. The dog is an expert in all things and can be used for multiple functions. The most joyful time for him is when given a task to complete that he is able to do regularly.

The dog can be a bit sometimes a bit strong-willed, so it’ll require someone who’s or has owned a dog previously or is able to train them with an incredibly firm but loving hand. The grooming requirements for this breed are very high. this breed, which is why regular grooming and bathing is required.

Standard Poodle

Standard poodles are among the first breeds that people imagine when they think of the dog with a white coat! Poodles are among the most popular breeds of dogs within the United States, ranked at 7/10 by the AKC. Poodles are ideal for those who are first-time owners because they are among the most loyal and intelligent breeds.

They can be friendly with strangers as well as other pets of the family when they are socialized since puppyhood. They’re also among the most sought-after purebreds to mix together with different breeds in the “designer dog” phenomenon that’s been gaining momentum in the past decade. Poodles require regular grooming to keep their shed down.

Siberian Laika

Siberian Laika Siberian Laika is part of the Spitz family of dogs that includes the Pomeranian as well as the American Eskimo Dog. The Siberian Laika is larger than a medium-sized dog, however with their dense fur, they could appear larger than they actually are.

The Laika is typically hunter-focused, and its energy levels are in line with the drive to hunt. These dogs are highly alert and be a bit aggressive towards strangers. They aren’t typically hostile towards humans, but they might be less likely to be a pet’s friend. Socialization early is crucial.

Berger Blank Suisse

The Berger Blanc Suisse, also called The White Swiss Shepherd is an intelligent shepherd who was developed for show and work. They are often mistaken for White German Shepherds, but they aren’t. The Berger Blanc Suisse dogs are highly smart dogs, and they are very loyal to their families.

The breed is best introduced to the world early and, due to their intelligence, it is not advisable to train them harshly. They are able to learn quickly and excel in agility, obedience, coursing or any other work-related activities. They make great pets for families if you are willing to put in the effort to make sure they are bonded with your life.

German Shepherd

It is said that the German Shepherd Dog is the second most loved dog breed in the United States, only behind the Labrador. GSD’s possess a recessive characteristic which can cause their coats to turn white. There’s an major controversy over their coat of this breed, and certain GSD breeders are unable to consider it to be an authentic GSD.

The breed has seen a variety of associations formed to promote and devote their efforts to the conservation for the coat that is white of GSD. GSD’s may be long-haired and short hair, or even have a little fluff the length of their coats. The GSD is a popular American popular dog and for good reason.

Akbash Dog

Another breed that is believed to be taken of Molosser. Molosser can be an Akbash dog. It is believed that the Akbash can be calm, alert and is not timid or abrasive. The Akbash was designed to lead its flock despite coming from an extended line of larger breeds.

It’s not unusual for males with this type of dog to weigh 140 pounds. The Akbash isn’t often used as a family pet, primarily because of their insecurity and inability to train. They are independent and require an experienced pack leader. It is essential to be consistent in the process of training this breed.

Hokkaido Dog

The Hokkaido is an Japanese dog with an extremely thick double coat. The Hokkaido is extremely clever and was developed to hunt bears, which means they possess a strong prey drive. This breed is part of the Japanese Spitz family, that includes a variety of other breeds.

They require socialization from an early age to ensure they don’t become too protective of their families. They come part of the same line that includes the Akita as well as Shiba Inu. Shiba Inu, and they are extremely rare within the United States.

Siberian Husky

Did you know that the Siberian Husky can have a white coat? The breed is relying on to sledding, which means that if you don’t keep them entertained it is likely that they will discover activities to keep them busy around your home. They are extremely smart and independent and are affluent with almost everybody.

Since they were designed to be the freedom they enjoy, they can be difficult to train, and we don’t recommend them to new dog owners. They can be misunderstood by other dogs such as the wolves or when compared with the Alaskan Malamutes. If you are able to handle their temperament, they could prove to be excellent pets for families.

Large & Short Haired

The next category that comprises white breeds of dogs that we will examine are those who fall in that “large” category, but their coats tend to be shorter. They don’t have fluffy or long coats and grooming is less difficult. Although some breeds may be difficult in training, grooming them is much easier for them.

The pups might have shorter coats, but they’re big! Some of them could also be in the 100-pound range in terms of their size. It is important to ensure that you’re prepared for the demands of the size of a dog when you decide to adopt one home. This is particularly true when the dog you choose to choose to adopt is a dog with an energy level that is high and is also large in size.

American Pitbull Terrier

It is important to note that the American Pitbull Terrier is not an AKC recognized breed of dog. The history of the APBT is complicated and many bull breeds are misunderstood. The APBT breed was developed to bait, which means they are very active dogs. You’ll need a large size yard and a place to go for your APBT if intend to keep them busy. Pitbulls also come with shorter white coats and could be spotted.

This breed is not one that is suitable for novices. If properly trained they can become loving and loyal pets for families. They should not be left on their own for extended periods of time and they can be destructive. Due to the popularity of these dogs, American Pit Bulls are frequently mixed with other breeds..

Dogo Argentino

The dogo Argentino is a different Molosser dog that is often described to or confused to the American Pitbull Terrier. They are often referred to as”the Argentinian Mastiff. They were bred to be hunting and are fierce guardians of their families.

They possess a strong prey drive, and are challenging to teach. They can grow to be huge and the larger males can reach 100 pounds. If you mix the right combination of patience and training, they can make great pets for families.

American Saffordshire Terrier

It is believed that the American Staffordshire Terrier is similar to the APBT The two breeds actually are both bred from the same lines. The Staffy is the breed that is what the AKC considers to be an actual breed, but some breeders argue that they are completely distinct from the APBT.

They are also referred to as Molosser dogs, and can grow quite big. Males can reach more than 80 pounds. They also can sport beautiful white coats that are short and thin. Like other breeds of terriers They should not be left unattended for extended periods of time.

Large & Long Haired

There are a few breeds who have more white coats and are taller in size. They are likely to make frequent visits to the groomer, and you’ll need to ensure that you wash frequently. Like all breeds of dog that are listed they also have distinct personality and temperament.

Based on the size of your yard and the the size of your house depending on the size of your home, you might or might not be able to deal with the hair and size of these dogs. However regular grooming can help shed less and help make life easier. Although these dogs are the worst of dark clothes They could still be the perfect choice to your family.


The Komondor appears like a mop! The Komondor breed might look intriguing however, the white breed has certain responsibility. The Komondor was developed to protect livestock, and they’re extremely guardians of their families.

Originating originally from Hungary These dogs require intensive socialization and training. They may be aggressive with other dogs, but they are generally open to other dogs. If you are planning to have one, grooming is an everyday task.


Salukis are hounds, and are an individual breed. They look like an amalgamation of the greyhound and golden retriever, but don’t let them fool you. They’re extremely independent and are well-known for refusing to obey commands directly from the master.

As with whippets and greyhounds, this dog loves nothing more than curling in his bed and take a nap. They possess a strong prey drive, meaning that unless you are well-trained it is not recommended to let them out on leash.

Golden Retrievers

They are commonly called English Cream Retrievers. They are not a distinct breed, but instead the most light color of the Golden Retriever coat. It is the Golden Retriever (no matter the coat color) is among the most loved breeds in America because of their calm disposition and friendly nature..

They are incredibly affectionate and are excellent family pets if they are properly trained. They are easy to train and are very sensitive which makes them ideal for dog owners who are new to the world of dogs. There aren’t many dogs more than those who aren’t yet able to train dogs before.

Small White Dog Breeds

The next step is to examine a variety of small white breeds of dogs. They also come with long coats with fluffy fur or shorter coats. Here are 14 breeds of small dogs that could be a perfect family pet to your home based on your fitness requirements and grooming abilities.

Some of the most popular breeds on this list are the Pomeranian as well as the Eskie and The Maltese as well as the white Chihuahua. Since they’re smaller than the larger breeds on this list They shed less, however you’ll have to keep the rolling lint rollers in your bag since, let’s face it… the white part is just that white.

Small & Fluffy

Are you looking for a tiny puffball? The pups below are tiny and fluffy, which means they’re all smaller than forty pounds once fully mature. A few of the pups below could also be in that “toy” category, meaning they weigh less than 20 pounds at the time they are fully grown. They have thicker and more fluffy coats which means grooming needs to be a minimum of every week (if not every day).

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is a small, white fluffy dog. Sometimes, they can appear yellowish too. The puppies are extremely affectionate and are a delight to everybody. They are smart and are great family pets.

They can bark, so be prepared when you reside in an apartment and the neighbors aren’t a fan of the noise. The breed isn’t known for its shed and is a good choice for those suffering from allergies. They can be anxious when their owner is away and you should be prepared for separation anxiety when you choose to adopt this breed.


Pomeranians are part of the Spitz family, and they are among the most sought-after small breeds of the United States. They are adorable and lively, and are very loyal to their families.

They are independent and require consistency in training. They belong to the same family with Malamutes, including the Alaskan Malamute, although the Malamute is much larger. They love the sound of barking, therefore be ready to hear noises at the door. They are great family pets However, they have a higher cost price.

Japanese Spitz

It is the Japanese Spitz can be described as a medium to small white and fluffy coated dog. These dogs are great companions and get along well with almost everyone. They are double-coated that sheds lots and you’ll need to keep up with cleaning your dog every day.

The breed is quite flexible. They are able to live living in an apartment provided they exercise regularly, however they also thrive when they have plenty of space to run. They are keen spending time with families So if you’re seeking a cuddle partner then the Japanese Spitz could be the ideal choice.


Pekingese puppies are fluffy and coated small dogs that are incredibly independent. They are available in a range of colours and styles, including white. They were once a popular choice of Chinese royals, these dogs are smart and excellent watchdogs. They love to bark, and so it is necessary to train them to curb their desire to talk.

The dogs are very stubborn and can be very stubborn, so you must ensure that you’re patient and strong during your training. Socialization is also one of the issues, therefore you should introduce them your pet to the other members of the family in the early years.

Bolognese Dog

It is a small, slender dog. Bolognese is a tiny furball with either a short or long but a fluffy coat. The breed is funny and extremely clever. They love to play games and will certainly depend on you for them with entertainment.

They are happiest when they are close to their families So if you are planning to leave them alone for long periods they won’t do very well. They are likely to be anxious about separation and will require an experienced pack leader to teach them the right way to behave.

Small & Short Haired

Are you looking for an adorable white dog with no fluff? Let’s take a look at some of our top dogs that have white coats, but don’t have long hair. These dogs can simplify your life in terms of grooming since they are mostly moderate shedders. It is still recommended to bathe them frequently with hypoallergenic shampoos since some dogs have skin that is more sensitive.

They can be very active to less active , but we’d always suggest having the appropriate sources of energy to your pet. Size and coat do not have any bearing on socializing or training your dog. Let’s take a look at some of our most loved white coated dogs that have shorter hair.


The Chihuahua is one of the most popular toys in America. breed dogs. They’re feisty and possess a spirited personality. It is important to begin training and socializing from a young time for this dog breed. They’re known to be very vocal, but they aren’t always the most pleasant when it comes to how they interact with other dogs.

Chihuahuas aren’t the usual breed to sport all white coats which can increase the cost of puppy for these special puppies. They are great pets for families, and they love to create your lap as their preferred spot to unwind. Due to their popularity, they are also often crossbred with different breeds.

Bull Terrier

Bull Terriers are among the most distinctive looking breeds in this selection. They were originally bred as a dog for fighting, the breed has been used in recent times to be stout family members. The dog is very active and requires you to have a backyard or a suitable energy source for your dog.

He’s an independent dog and will require an individual who can constantly reinforce the training. They’re not always friendly with other dogs, which makes the early introduction to socialization an important factor. Like most breeds of terriers they shouldn’t be left to his own devices for extended periods of time.

Lhasa Apso

The Lhasa Apso is a smart dog that comes from Tibet. These dogs are companions who are very protective. If you choose to adopt this breed to an animal-friendly household ensure that you get social early.

Even when they are socialized properly, they are still on guard at all times, especially around other unfamiliar pets. The dog is independent, and training isn’t easy for those who are the first dog owner. Their coats are long and gorgeous however, you’ll have to be on top of grooming your dog regularly.

French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are small and bat-eared looking dogs. They are energetic and are highly smart. They typically be less than 20lbs. They often misunderstood with different breeds of dogs such as that of the Boston Terrier.

They are highly smart and respond well to training that uses positive reinforcement. Frenchies are devoted to their families and want to snuggle in their favourite people. They may be territorial towards their families too and make socialization an important priority from a young age.

Small & Long Haired

Are you looking for a tiny white dog and aren’t afraid of an lengthy, yet shiny coat? The following five breeds of white dogs could be just what you’re seeking. They will require more time for regular grooming and daily care however, they all have beautiful and long white hair.

The requirements for brushing will be similar frequency to bigger dogs with white hair, however you’ll have less hair in general since, let’s face it, you’ll have less dogs to contend with. Long-haired dogs like the ones below be great companions for families. Each breed has its own temperament and needs for training Let’s get into it and examine each breed of dog.


The Havanese is a long, silky white hair and may tend to be yellowish when not groomed regularly. The dog must be close to humans, which is why it’s not the best breed to have for those who spend a lot of time away from your home.

The breed is very active and enjoys training for sports like flyingball and agility. The Havanese are also prone to anxiety when left for long periods of time. This is what makes it a wonderful pet for families, particularly when it comes to children.


The Cavachon is a mixed breed dog which is an interbreeding of Bichon Frise and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel as well as the Bichon Frise. They can sport white coats, as well as hair that is longer than that of a normal Bichon Frise.

They have less energy needs, making them an excellent option if you live in small yards, a smaller home and even an apartment. They can be trained easily and prefer being with their families at all times. They may experience anxiety about being separated.


They Maltese are an adorable breed with long, silky white hair. They are affectionate and smart and enjoy being the center of the attention of their owners. They are more comfortable with their families at any time, and may be anxious about separation when they’re not with their family.

They love to bark, and so teaching the dogs to behave in a manner that is crucial. Maltese can also be destructive when kept in a quiet environment for long, so you should take that into consideration if you have a an occupation that keeps your away for the entire day.

West Highland Terrier

It is the West Highland Terrier is a short-haired white dog that was breed in recent times to be a companion for families. They are friendly with anyone, children and strangers including. The issue of sheds is a concern and you’ll have to ensure that regular grooming is a regular part of your schedule.

The breed also performs well in multi-dog households and is more comfortable in a group setting. The breed is smart and highly capable of being trained. It’s a great breed for those who are just beginning to get their dog. They don’t require a firm grip and are able to be slowed down when they are trained to be too assertive.

Final Thoughts

After you’ve looked at 31 different adorable white dog breeds and you’re one step closer to determining the breed that is the perfect match for you and your family! Make sure to choose the ideal white dog names for your snow-covered dog! Every breed has specific traits and characteristics that they are recognized for. One thing is for certain that the majority of people who own white dogs do not focus as much on the fur as they all share one thing the requirement for a lint roller.

Although this list isn’t completely comprehensive, it will put you on the right track to choose your next dog. Be aware that if you choose an oversized dog, grooming is likely to become a bigger issue and you’ll probably need to cut costs by using some DIY grooming techniques. If you have a breed that you think we’ve missed Please drop us a note in the comment section!

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