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How To Train A Dog To Come

Dog training your pet to come to you is an important part of your responsibility as a pooch owner. This training session is more popularly

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How To Approach A Dog

Imagine you’re walking in the park. You see a dog that’s so adorable, you feel like you’re going to regret it if you don’t say

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How To Punish A Dog

Sure. As pet parents, we are accustomed to treating our dogs with tender loving care. We spend time taking them to walks in the park,

shih tzu

Can Dogs Get Skin Tags?

Yes. You might find just a single one or you might find a few of them distributed around her body. Should you be concerned about

How to Train a Rescue Dog

Bringing home an adopted rescue dog definitely comes with great rewards, but it also comes with challenges. Some big, some small, but if you take

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Can You Litter Train A Dog?

Definitely! Using a litter for your dog might seem like a crazy idea. But it just might be what modern fur-parents are looking for: convenience

How To Stop A Dog From Chewing

It’s frustrating to wake up to a scenario that paints a mental picture of torn shoes and clothes. There are even certain cases of having

dog on a hike

How To Calm An Aggressive Dog

For the longest time, being able to calm aggressive dogs proved to be a challenge among pet parents, and even to a professional dog trainer.

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