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Welcome to our dog breeds hub page. Through the acquisition of we will be building out a directory of the most popular dog breeds, complete with nutritional requirements and even reviews from people that own specific breeds.

17 Jack Russell Terrier Mixes

It is believed that the Jack Russell is a extremely energetic and lively breed who loves to chase other animals, particularly the cats and mice

Beagle vs. Boston Terrier

Quick Summary: The Beagle’s origins are not known. It is still a matter of debate where the name Beagle came from. Farmers in England, Ireland, and

13 Smartest Dog Breeds

Are you in search of one of the smartest dog breeds that will help you with your taxes? Perhaps he’ll whip up a delicious filet

17 Boston Terrier Mixes

The Boston Terrier, also known as “The American Gentleman,” was created in the 1860s. Yes, the Boston Terrier is by no means a purebred dog

23 Brindle Dog Breeds

Quick Summary: Have you ever seen a gorgeously striped dog and thought, “what kind of coloring is that?” This kind of color is known as

17 Doberman Pinscher Mixes

Quick Summary: The Doberman Pinscher is among the most sought-after working dogs used in protection and military services around the globe. Those familiar with the

Italian Greyhound vs. Whippet

It is believed that the Italian Greyhound and the Whippet are two very similar dogs which is due to the fact that they’re both direct

English Mastiff vs. Great Pyrenees

Quick Summary: The Great Pyrenees share many traits with English Mastiffs. When discussing these breeds’ appearances, it is difficult to ignore their size and weight –

Giant Schnauzer Traits & Facts

. Are you interested in whether the Giant Schnauzer might be the right dog for you? This guide will provide all the information you need

Lhasa Apso Dog Breed Traits & Facts

It is said that the Lhasa Apso is a tiny puppy with extravagantly lengthy locks. Despite his tiny frame it is brimming with dog-like characteristics.

Border Collie vs. Australian Shepherd

. Curious about the similarities and differences between the Border Collie and the Australian Shepherd? Although they look similar, these active breeds are quite distinct.

Irish Setter Dog Breed Traits & Facts

The Irish Setter is an Irish gun dog. With their elegant, flame-colored fur and general elegance, Setters are immediately recognizable. Although they aren’t the most

9 Old English Sheepdog Mixes

. The oldest breed of English Sheepdogs is the also called the Bobtail ,. They’ve been around for hundreds of years . They aren’t the

23 Russian Dog Breeds

. Russia is most well-known because of its harsh winters, frozen tundra and a large portion that runs across Asia. It can be hard to

11 Japanese Dog Breeds

Japan is well-known for its delicious Sushi and stunning Cherry Blossom trees to name only a few. However, Japan isn’t that popular in the field

Cane Corso vs. Boerboel

*. The Cane Corso and the Boerboel . These two amazing dogs are worth serious attention. They are both a bit of a joke and

17 Shiba Inu Mixes

Quick Summary: Shiba Inu is a Japanese name that means “brushwood dog” and refers to the distinctive red color of this breed. As designer breeds are

Shiba Inu vs. Akita

. Consider the Shiba Inu and the Akita as your next furry friend. Both breeds make great family dogs but they have significant differences despite

17 Whippet Mixes

*The Whippet, a fast and friendly dog, is rapidly gaining popularity among dog lovers around the globe. The American Kennel Club (AKC) in 2020, have

Akita vs. Siberian Husky

*. The Akita is very different from the Siberian Husky, and there are only a few commonalities between them. Although they may appear very similar,

17 Pomeranian Mixes

. The Pomeranian , an adorable and strong toy breed, has quickly become a favorite choice for those who are looking for a companion that

Westie vs Westiepoo

. Are you deciding which puppy to adopt next. Perhaps you have narrowed down your options to the purebred Westiepoo or the Westiepoo designer crossbreed.

Pharaoh Hound Traits & Facts

Quick Summary: The Pharaoh Hound first came to the UK in the 1930s but did not arrive in America until 1967. They were recognized as a

Boxer vs. American Pit Bull Terrier

*. Although they may look very different, the Boxer and American Pitbull Terrier are very similar in temperament. These energetic dogs are a joy to

15 Bichon Frise Mixes

Are you thinking of adding an Bichon Frise cross for your household? It’s not a problem! It’s not just you! Bichon Frise has become a

Newfoundland vs. Great Pyrenees

Do you want to compare the Newfoundland with. Great Pyrenees to be your next dog? Both are dogs with huge personalities, and even bigger hearts.

Newfoundland vs. Bernese Mountain Dog

Quick Summary: Newfoundlands (also called Newfies) and Bernese Mountain Dogs (also called Berners) have black as one of the primary colors in their coats. They are

17 Weimaraner Mixes

Are you looking for an Weimaraner that isn’t the expense of purebred dogs? A Weimaraner mix is less expensive to budget and is often healthier

23 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mixes

Quick Summary: If you’re seeking a Cavalier with an added twist, you may consider Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Mixes. Given how amazing the Cavalier is and

Poodle Breed Traits & Facts

Originally Poodles were Duck retrievers. Poodles would leap into the water to swim to the ducks they wanted to retrieve. They are very strong swimmers

Poodle vs. Goldendoodle

*. Shopping for a dog can be exciting, but it can also be very difficult and overwhelming. It is important to understand the benefits of

Borzoi Traits & Facts

Quick Summary: The Borzoi, which used to be known as the Russian Wolfhound, is a dog breed that originated in Russia. It is linked to the

Cavachon vs. Cavapoo

Cavachon and the Cavapoo are Cavachon as well as the Cavapoo are two breeds of hybrid dogs, sometimes referred to as designer dogs. They have

Boerboel Dog Breed Traits & Facts

Quick Summary: Boerboels are powerful and obedient dogs. This breed is well-known as a guardian for farms and has roots in South Africa. They are also

Dachshund vs. Beagle

Are you looking for a companion canine that is smaller than the Dachshund? They are a great choice for families because of their affectionate nature,

How Long Do Rottweilers Live?

Quick Summary: A Rottweiler’s lifespan is known to be around 8 to 12 years, depending on their overall health and quality of life. Interestingly, female

Rottweiler Dog Breed Traits & Facts

Quick Summary: The Rottweiler (affectionately called Rottie) is a great option as a family pet and a marvelous guard dog. They are friendly and affectionate with

Pitbull vs. Labrador Retriever

Are you considering comparing between the American Pitbull Terrier vs. Labrador Retriever to find your next pet? Both breeds are famous for their own reasons,

Basenji Traits & Facts

. Are you thinking of getting a Basenji? The intelligent, curious and energetic Basenji will bring joy to your life. Let’s look at the Basenji

Poodle vs. Labradoodle

Are you considering whether to choose the Poodle and. The Labradoodle to be your next furry friend? Although their names might appear similar, their breeds

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